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Not A Bug 
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This is a list of things that might be thought of as bugs, but are supposed to be that way.

Not A Bug: I can't give my Pokémon key items to hold.
Reason: Key items are not tradeable.

Not A Bug: Pokéballs suddenly doubled in price!
Reason: Pokéballs are sold at halved price until you buy 30 of them. Their price will go up after.

Not A Bug: My [insert gen here] retro/frame2 evolved into [insert gen here]!
Reason: If the sprite for the evolution isn't available, the evolved form will be bumped up a generation.

Not A Bug: My berries keep going back to seed stage!
Reason: Berries left unpicked for over 24 hours revert to seed stage automatically.

Not A Bug: I can't give/take items/release/feed Pokémon in the extra PC boxes I bought with the PC Ticket!
Reason: Pokémon in the extra boxes can only be evolved, added to collections and moved to other boxes.

Not A Bug: MooMoo Milk isn't giving me PP/partner affection/experience!
Reason: MooMoo Milk is currently nerfed.

Not A Bug: I can't use Blank Cards on [insert gen here] sprites!
Reason: Blank Cards only work on HG/SS and B/W sprites.

Not A Bug: My Pokémon is level 100/has maxed contest stats but I can still do trials!
Reason: Your Pokémon probably does not have maxed happiness, which means the trial option will show up.

Not A Bug: I got a Mystery Parcel, but it's the wrong month!
Reason: Parcels change on the 1st of the month at midnight central US time, not your local time. Pay close attention to the name of the parcel, displayed when you hover over the parcel icon, before purchasing your parcel.

Not A Bug: I can't trade my Pokémon!
Reason: Some Pokémon are account bound (their info page will say so if they are). In case they aren't, make sure the Pokémon isn't holding an item that can't be traded. Some items that can't be traded include novelty items like the Goggles, some event items like Choco Hearts, and some legendary summon items, like the Old Sea Map.

Not A Bug: I'm told I have no room for more Pokémon but I have two slots left!
Reason: You can't catch Pokémon on the map if you have enough Pokémon to fill all your boxes+party. The two free slots you have likely come from Pokémon in your Daycare, which don't count.

Sun Nov 01, 2009 4:31 pm
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Added a couple more commonly reported not-a-bugs, this topic really needed some updates...

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Tue May 31, 2011 9:25 pm
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lol what does choco heart do anyway?
I found it in my inventory but it does nothing @_@

Thu Dec 08, 2011 2:15 am
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^^ This question would really be more suited for a topic in the help subforum, rather than a random post in a thread about things that are not bugs...
Chocolate hearts were from the 2011 Valentines event. They are currently useless, but you can read about the event here.

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Thu Dec 08, 2011 2:28 am
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