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Feather in the wind - new pet raising game 
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Feather in the Wind

I could write BOOKS about my game,
but who's got time for that? here's a tl;dr version:

> it's a pet raising game
> it's kinda-sorta pokemon like
> it's a 2D game, made by a program called RMXP
> I've been working on it on and off for years.
> during that time, I improved my pixel-art, made up a story, characters, made graphics, pet designs, battle moves, maps. also, I learned a scripting language, so now I can force RMXP to do stuff it wasn't meant to do.
> I had a demo with trainer battles, a farm to store your pets, and a trading system. I'm currently re-making these from scratch (due to bugs, messiness), but this will give you an idea of what the game will be like.
> I'm working on this 1-2 hours a day, so I'll have a demo up eventually.
> join team silverwind, pretty please?
Ideally, I'm looking to gather a group of people, to work on this game.
you don't have to commit to anything (hey it's a forum, one day you're here, the next you move on), and you'll be in the game credits, naturally.
there are various ways to help- be it pet ideas, plot events, bad-guys/boss ideas, making sprites, tiles and maps. feel free to PM me if you wish to be a part.
> if you read this far, I'm impressed ;)

enough talk, have some pictures

new >> all current sprites

in-game screenshots:
Spoiler: show
will add tomorrow. possibly

> menu /battle screen is w.i.p
> I think I'll change the tileset completely, cause of reasons

pet sprites:
Spoiler: show
ImageImage Impyro, your first pet. (Flare type, 1st stage) plays a role in the plot.
Image Flafurn (Flare,2nd stage), Impyro's evolution

ImageImage Minsect (Shadow) > Chompil (Steel), the game mascot. it has a newer design, which doesn't have a sprite yet (#8 in the sketch page).

ImageImage Metaclaw (Steel) > Armantis ( Steel+Shadow). Chompil's evolutions

ImageImage Image Melodini (Sonic type) > Smocan (Flare+Sonic)

ImageImageImageImageImage Finmask (Stream) > Doliny (Stream/Sky) > Torphin (Stream/Sky)

Image Snaptil (Earth)
ImageImage Peekleaf (Solar) > Catalon(Solar)

ImageImage Simstar (Frost) > Captop (Frost)
Image Velvet (Ghost)

sketches of all pets (click for a bigger version)
Spoiler: show

Game Features:

1. Monster types
There are 12 types, 4 in each group
- Emotion: .........Flare, Solar, Charge, Ghost
- Desire: ............Earth, Metal, Fight, Shadow
- Mind: ..............Stream, Sky, Frost, Sonic

2. Branched evolution
each group gives a different kind of energy, which will affect the way your Topmon evolves.
(think of Eevee / Digimon's evolution system)

3. Exciting Battles
because everyone love a good battle system!
send your pets to do friendly battles with other 'pet trainers'
> single, double or triple battles.
> special battle moves, ie:
--- Body Clash- the heavier the user is, the greater the damage.
--- Last Guard- this move is twice more powerful , if used by the player's last remaining pet.
> new & interesting battle tactics-
-- - grab hold of the foe, making both your and his moves always hit.
--- counter foe's attack with your own. if yours is stronger, you block it & deal damage.
--- soar/burrow/climb to avoid all direct attacks
-- - defend an ally by taking an attack directed at it.
--- and more!

6. pet abilities
your pets can do more than just battle. they each have a special ability:
ie: open locked doors, taking you underground, and more.

7. interact with your pet
you can select one pet, which will follow you on the map.
your pet can communicate by telepathy, so you can 'talk' to it.
they each have their own personality and a 'friendship' value.
> they can react to what is happening around them
--- plot events,
--- winning a battle, etc
> they sometimes act on their own
--- pick up items for you, etc

8. Power to the people
in this game, players can make a difference!
- breed pets to create pets with better stats/ other colors /even other type.
- submit your own pet & share it with other players: as evolution/pre-evo, or a separate line.
- submit yourself as an in-game trainer!
- trade with other players
^ note the game isn't online, so any player interaction will be done in the game website.

9. and yes, there's a plot too :)
The 'main hero' is a fresh trainer, and all he wants is to enjoy traveling with his first pet- a wild Impyro (pet name) which he found injured and starved in the woods. but wild-caught pets are never heard of. nobody knows how his pet understands him. don't you have to tame the pet since birth, and slowly teach it what each battle command you say means? and why does he sometimes think he can hear it talk? what happened that day, when he found himself in front of his home, having no memory of getting there, tightly holding a feather?

Image Image
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I'm interested. Please post more if you can get around to it.

A question though, did you make all of the sprites yourself? I'm guessing either no or you made them at very different times because they vary a lot in style, skill, and appearance. Also, were the multiple color ones something like gender/shiny/forme/etc? I'd be interested in trying to resprite some of them maybe and pet ideas and other ideas and things like that, but I'd need to see more on the game project itself first...


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Mon Oct 14, 2013 12:37 am
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oh wow, I never noticed your post.
actually, all the sprites are mine. I taught myself how to sprite, so I can make this game.
about the multi-colors, it's a practical thing. I'm trying all sorts of colors and styles, and then I end up with several good designs. so I'd like to use them all. if you have ideas for how to include them all, I'd love to hear. right now there are 2 ideas:
1. one color is 'normal', and other are 'hidden' and only found by breeding your pets.
2. colors which stand for types. ie: a yellow Melodini will evolve into a fire type, while a black one will become Shadow type.

Image Image
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Thu Nov 21, 2013 10:11 am
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