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FRLG Hack: Pokemon Verdigris! 
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This sounds good so far, how is the rival going though?

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Opening: "I aspire to be a great trainer like _Gym_Leader_!"
Battle Win: "I guess I still need more practice..."
Afterwards: "Maybe you could help me practice some time."
Mind Read:"I need to get stronger!"

Opening: "When the eyes of two trainers meet, a battle commences!"
Battle Win: "I may have seen the sight of battle too much for today."
Afterwards: "Senseless destruction is not the way of the valiant knight."
Mind Read:"So many people are buying my act, perhaps I should join the circus like my aunt told me."

Opening: "I am the valiant Metamore, and I challenge you to duel!"
Battle Win: "I though I could crush you with my puissant boot, but alas, victory has eluded me!"
Afterwards: "Victory is not often heralded, but one does not often talk of defeat."
Mind Read:"This mind is unreadable."

Opening: "The legendary Pokemon Mewtwo is said to have been manufactured by Team Rocket with the intent to be the strongest ever."
Battle Win: "Studying the origins of Pokemon should have assured my victory."
Afterwards: "I need to get my hands on Mewtwo."
Mind Read:"Maybe "Moves of Evolved Pokemon" would help with my chances of winning next time."

Opening: "Leppa berries, although they restore 10 PP are said to have a lower market value than the Ether."
Battle Win: "Perhaps I should have used an HP restoring item..."
Afterwards: "Do you have a spare Max Revive?"
Mind Read:"Darn, I'm almost broke."


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and i'll belong to you...

...the one who nobody verses "I love you"...Image

Thanks to Kaos Kaiser for the Trainer Sprite!

Sat Aug 18, 2012 10:28 am
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Rival's going ok, still pretty vanilla at this point but I like her attitude :)

I'm really getting ticked off with my progress this weekend though. I did a bunch of map rearranging, fixing route names, connecting all the night maps to night maps (some were still accidentally connecting back to day maps)... Today, I realized I did all that on an older backup :\ No biggie, just do it again. But I opened my rom in VBA, and I can't use the Pokemon Centers!! Walk into the door, BAM black screen. Try the next city's PC, walk inside fine, walk upstairs BAM black screen. ??? Load a night save, walk into night center, fine. Walk upstairs, fine. Warp back to day center BAM black screen. What??? Reload night save, walk to next town, walk into that town's night center BAM black screen. I have no idea what's going on T_T

I tried to replace the day center map from a good backup, but it wouldn't save and then erased all of Cerulean City's inside maps. All of them. I'm not even using Cerulean City yet, but where the heck did they all go?

I posted in the PokeCommunity forum, hopefully there's a fix X_X This really bugs me, how can I make a game if half of my maps just... break?


Sun Aug 19, 2012 12:22 pm
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