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(july 29th, 2016)

it has literally been YEARS but i may have some willpower to be here again? i'm on vacation so there's that too.

so, i possess a regigigas, which means my sinnoh mastery is at 83%. i also did a bit of housekeeping on this topic because i found out i had evolved several unova pkmn without logging them here, so my unova mastery is actually at 92%. lastly i pretty much redid the "party progress" post from scratch; either i had some very different ideas 3 years ago, or i absolutely had no clue what i was doing with that.

i lucked out on catching a shiny drifloon (holding a pecha berry) on my first try. she's so cute i refuse to ever evolve her. i'm really happy i got her, but i only just realized i still have ada as a partner........ after that i caught a frlg koffing and a dp2 machop, which went straight to my gallery.

i also encountered the evil suicune no less than ten times (eight times it escaped, twice i refreshed over it because of course i did. its mere existence disgusts me. isn't 2% catch rate with an ultra ball really mean, anyway? what am i supposed to throw at it?). other things i failed to catch include a silver machop (i made a half-hearted attempt at throwing a poké ball at him), a rayquaza, and a jirachi. at least i got its dex data.

i submitted a request for getting my halloween 2013 ghostmon restored since their sprites were lost in the database crash. truly they're the only event pkmn i care about so i hope i'll manage to get them back.

Image daily goal - catch 2 pkmn with sprites that aren't hgss, hgss2, bw, or event. COMPLETE (+1 GP)

(current party)
Spoiler: show
axew - 2/38
klink - 2/38
vanillite - 2/35
woobat - maxing happiness
chansey - maxing happiness
unknown gatcha egg - "it doesn't seem close to hatching"


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Fri Jul 29, 2016 12:39 pm
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