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Competitive Comparisons- Infernape vs Blaziken 
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Fri Sep 20, 2013 12:20 pm
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        Blaziken vs Infernape

    + Blaziken is a pokémon who closely resembles Ken from Street Fighter. Tell me a Hadoken wouldn't one-shot an Infernape...
    + Sky Uppercuts and Blaze Kicks, nuff said...
    + Blaziken was the original Fire/Fighting starter, that gives him a nostalgia bonus
    - He's a chicken...that makes him the base of all chicken jokes. (Why did the Blaziken cross the road? To Blaze Kick an Infernape!)
    - Blaziken is banned from competitive tournaments due to him being in Ubers
    - Blaziken is literally Blaze + my name. You don't steal my name and put it on a pokémon

    + Infernape is a monkey. That means it's almost human
    + Infernape gets Mach Punch, Close Combat, Flare Blitz, and more great moves
    + Infernape isn't banned from competitions
    - By this time, Blaze ability was overused
    - Infernape was one of the most common pokémon to find in HG/SS wifi battle tower...That and Typhlosion...
    - Infernape was yet another Fire/Fighting starter (Game Freak/Nintendo must have thought that was a great idea, huh?)

    Overall Evaluation: Infernape < Blaziken < Charizard < Vulpix



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Mon Nov 04, 2013 10:06 pm
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  • Its Speed, unboosted, caps off at 284, which is reasonably fast but lower than Infernape's Speed of 346. Blaziken is capable of patching this up, however, with its Hidden Ability, Speed Boost - assuming it manages to stay up long enough, with its Speed going up every turn, Blaziken can outspeed and sweep entire teams pretty quickly.
  • On the other hand, Blaziken is fairly frail and can't usually take more than one or two hits. Infernape isn't much better in this regard (its base Def. stats are only a point higher each), however.
  • Blaziken's most common competitive set: Flare Blitz, Hi Jump Kick, Swords Dance, and Protect. Protect and Swords Dance help it get the boosts it needs to guarantee a sweep, while Flare Blitz and Hi Jump Kick are its most powerful STAB moves, with base powers of 120 and 130, respectively. Brave Bird and Earthquake are also viable move options. Earthquake is useful for taking down Poison- and Electric-types; Brave Bird, on the other hand, despite its 120 base power, doesn't receive STAB, and many of the Pokémon that would be knocked out by it can still be dealt with using Flare Blitz anyway. A third possible alternative is a Reversal-based moveset, which, if used properly, can be used to take advantage of Blaziken's frailty but doesn't quite help it reach its full potential.
  • Blaziken is notably the only starter so far placed on the Uber tier by Smogon.
  • It's a powerhouse chicken. Laugh all you want, but Blaziken is overall pretty impressive.
  • One of those shinies that's only a few shades lighter or darker. Looks better than shiny Infernape, but it isn't exactly original.
  • It has a Mega Evolution in X/Y.

  • At a top Speed of 346, Infernape is one of the faster Pokémon in the OU tier. While this may seem better than Blaziken's Speed, keep in mind that a)Blaziken can abuse Speed Boost; b)Infernape's max Attack is 337, a bit less than Blaziken at 372; and c)there are still plenty of Pokémon that can outspeed it, namely Alakazam, Gengar, and Starmie, with the former two being extremely common in the tier. Nonetheless, Infernape is capable of being even more powerful than it already is by coupling a Choice Band and its Hidden Ability, Iron Fist.
  • It can counter leads very effectively, thanks to Fake Out and its access to Stealth Rock.
  • It's capable of running an all-out physical moveset - usually with Flare Blitz (reliable STAB, 120 base power), Close Combat (120 base power, Def. drop doesn't really matter as much since Infernape is usually a "OHKO-or-nothing" sweeper), U-turn (70 base power and allows switching), and Thunderpunch (75 base power, reliable counter to Flying- and Water-types, chance of paralysis) or a mixed set - Overheat (140, though Sp. Atk. drop may force it to switch out), Close Combat, Thunderpunch, and often U-turn as the fourth move. Blaziken can also do this albeit usually less successfully.
  • A kung-fu fighting monkey. Makes sense, but it's not the most original concept (although you could argue that Blaziken might be based off of...)
  • A shiny Infernape looks...kind of sunburnt. Blaziken gets the upper hand there.

Conclusion: In general, I prefer Blaziken, but in terms of battling I'll give the win to Infernape for being so versatile.



Wed Nov 13, 2013 9:30 pm
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Ok. Lets brak it down. Blaziken does not cease to amaze. As the only Fire starter not on fire, not to mention that he started te slew of Fire Fighting starters but he can also learn sky uppercut! The Kalos games depict Blaziken so highly they give him a Mega evolution.
Infernape, sadly, just copied Blazikens types and its gotta be uncomfutable when your head is on fire. But, I digress. Infernape has better stats.
He looks a touch cooler and does not remind you of the leftover Chicken McNuggets that caught on fire when you microwaved them.
Its hard to choose. In the games, I just breed Blaziken for his better preevolution (Combusken just gives me headaches) and trade him away.
But I dont even CHOOSE to get Chimchar. Piplup and Turtwig beat him outright.
I dont know. This is a tossup.
*bows like a Brit* Thank you.
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Love th quote :dealwithit:



Thu Dec 26, 2013 11:02 pm
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