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Author:  d r e a m y [ Sat Oct 22, 2016 12:40 am ]
Post subject:  Why.

This may not make any sense bc this just popped into my head and it's 10:40 PM right now and im tired soo..
dont jump to any conclusions please.. ;u;
Spoiler: show
Probably for people that hates suicidal people, idk.

Spoiler: show

Nobody told you about love.
Nobody told you about the underdog.
What they did for you.
You may not love them.
Taken for granted.
They did more than you ever did.
Loathe them all you want.
They own the biggest heart than you'll ever achieve.
But you don't care.
You hate them.
You dump the underdog so you can be the hero.
Player 1,
Player 2 isn't there for the princess.
Player 2 is here to get the same recognition that you get.
But you shove him into the void.
He has the game over while you're in the credits.

Because of course.

Nobody loves the underdog.

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