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Okay so I am going to post a few things here just to share and if I write any more I will share them this is on i writ a while back when my now ex talked me into taking writing bit more serious rateing may need to be higher let me know if it does. I call it That Night.

I remember that night as clearly as I wish I could remember the events a few weeks after. It was when I was only 12 years old. 1735 sometime in June.

I felt nothing my senses dead nothing but not darkness, my senses would have to be functioning for me to see the darkness it was more like an empty void neither light nor darkness. Slowly, as the only conscious part of my mind drifted inside this void, my sense of touch came back to me. At first all I recognised was not anything physical as if still floating, only the cold that gripped me, a cold I would not feel from the safety of my room. Then eventually I begin to feel truly again feeling the cold hard pressure from underneath my back letting me know I was laying down face up. Again what I lay upon did not seem like something found in the room I slept, it felt so cold hard but at the same time somewhat malleable. Before I could conjure up a distinct idea of what it was my sense of hearing slowly crept back only to hear the gentle, peaceful yet somewhat ominous lullaby of the rain. Not out a window but all around me so that before my eyes decided to open I already concluded that I was outside. My sight was the slowest in returning, my eyes did open gently but my vision to blurred to even recognise a hand in front of my face. With this my sleep like paralysis dissipated but a weakness in me I felt so strongly that I struggled even to simply sit up. But alas I managed the task realising just how weak my body was as it felt so heavy and cold as if something had drained the life from me. Like a new born baby filled with curiosity I looked all around me ignoring the fact that my vision was so distorted I could not make anything out I was just struck with so much fear and confusion I used what little sight I had to look for any movement at all. The cold got allot stronger so too did the feeling of the rain pelting me something I had not felt up until now. I brought my self to my feet stumbling and hobbling like a blind feeble old man. My sight it began to return fully but at a cost, all my senses returned fully even taste of the cold, dreary, miserably grey night. The rain like sharp shards of ice as I finally griped my self to combat such cold but also out of sheer fear of seeing that I was alone in a wood. My mind wondered almost out of control with panic but somehow being alone, the rain and such a grey night calmed the chaos bringing a sense of Despair in its place one that humbled me to hold my self tighter. My sight back fully I turned round slowly giving another glance over the wood in search of at least some ray of hope, that happened to come to me in the form of a light off in the distance. At first my hazy mind, filled with a small amount of confusion and a huge sense of despair and feebleness at my now weak and vulnerable body, could not recognise the sight but I walked towards the only hope I felt I had.

I got closer as my mind began to recognise what I saw the gentle warm feeling that came from that brought my sense of self back. No longer half in the dream world of an empty void I knew now who and what I was and that this light it came from my home. As I approached, the air so cold, I felt the factual warmth from the house but just before I reached the door a shudder went down my spine, not from the cold but from a thought that entered my mind. How did I end up outside so far from my house? I stopped for a brief moment to contemplate this but quickly came to the conclusion that best I enter the safety of my own home first then I may speculate at my leisure.

Finally reaching the house knowing the door would be locked I knocked on it as heavily as I could with my body so frail. Lucky for me this was enough to alert the attention of our chief butler who had a tendency to go many days without sleep. He came to the door with a look of confusion on his face as if perplexed as to why someone would be banging the door at such a time. That face turned to a mixture of complete shock and an even greater confusion as he looked down to see me pale and weak looking like I had crept out my own grave. He pulled me in frantically asking what was going on. His concern shifting in equal proportions back and forth between my safety and the perplexity of the conundrum. His insistent attitude towards me asking questions and rapping me up worm eventually awoke my father who was a light sleeper, I think due to an overwhelming sense that he needs to protect his home. As he came to the balcony with a somewhat angered and disturbed look on his face that soon turned to shock one even greater than the butler, as he raced down the stairs still keeping his body firm like the proud man he was to question me on the situation and the butler. I told him what happened that I went to bed and woke up outside like this. My farther in a protective somewhat offended rage went strait for his gun waking my mother and several of the servants up he ordered the chief butler to have everyone awake and watch the house very carefully also to send word to the towns department of investigation to come at once. With that he left the house in search of what he assumed to be kidnappers, believing that someone had snuck in at night to steal me away to force money out of my father.

My mother came down the stairs saddened but keeping her composure like the strong woman she was guiding me strait to my room lay me down in bed and did everything she could to comfort me. I lay there somewhat afraid but with all the people around me I felt protected and secure enough to push though's thoughts into the back of my mind. My mother told me I should rest and that we will concern our self's with this tomorrow after I have finished breakfast and had a doctor take a look at me. With this she left my room leaving a night light so I was not veiled in darkness once again having someone keep a close eye on my room all night. With this I took my mothers words to heart, pushed all questions I had as far back into my mind as I could, not completely but enough that my eyes began to shut and slowly I went back to sleep.

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