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We follow the mysterious Freelancer that is hidden in the ship along with the other Freelancers, but have never met.

ωαвσυт тнє cнαяαcтєяѕω

The Director;
The head of the operations and creator of Project Freelancer, a group of Spartans that are specially trained and fitted with combat armor and specialty training. Not much is known about the Director but that he runs the show.

Freelancer Agent Wisconsin;
Freelancer Agent Wisconsin, a secret project created by the Director in hopes to sway the alien race to aid them instead of fight them. Agent Wisconsin, also called ‘Wis’ was programed with an AI that has an unknown ability (few believe it’s ability is to translate, hence making Agent Wisconsin multilingual). The AI is named “Mephistopheles” and contains a human form (Mephistopheles was originally supposed to be assigned to a human, but was instead given to Wis to strengthen the relationship between human and alien).

Wisconsin is sent to alien planets to help solve diplomatic tensions and to rid other aliens that may be plotting terrorism against both human and alien races. When out on a mission given to him by the Director; it is equipped with the latest Elite armor (colored a light brown or tan), a nomad sniper rifle and grenade launcher, and the familiar sabre. Distance is Agent Wisconsin’s method of getting things done.

The reason why Agent Wisconsin is not equipped with any familiar alien technology is because the resources and ammunition for said technology are scarce when you work in a human run program. It may use alien weapons when on their home world to preserve the ammunition of its original set or if it loses them. They’re easier to replace since the ship has an armory that holds countless treasures.

The Elite was a normal alien before it decided to try and invade a human manned vessel, which caused its imprisonment and punishment. Torture was legal back in that time and had cost Wisconsin many vital parts of itself. It is now equipped with cybernetics and implants to enhance its performance on the field. One eye is completely white, which functions as an infrared camera, allowing it to better assess the situation of enemies and targets. Implants are throughout its legs and arms, giving it a very, very low chance of deflecting bullets and absorbing blast damage. It is not invincible, it can be mortally wounded and even killed.

Agent Wisconsin has not yet been fitted with a special combat ability, ie. Agent Texas’ cloaking ability or inhuman strength. Although it is perhaps the AI’s ability to translate languages and for Wis to speak any known language available is its combat ability. Although not a combat ability, it has been classified as his “passive combat” ability. Until it is higher up in the ranks, it will be trusted with a true combat ability.

When aboard the ship with the other Freelancers, it is below deck, not yet ready to be revealed to the other Freelancers as one of their own. They have killed many of its kind and if seeing him among their ranks, all hell would certainly break loose. It has his own private quarters and medical bay where a few select crew members know of its existence.

Wisconsin is passive-aggressive, it will attack only when threatened physically. Verbal threats are mainly ignored. Not much is known about Agent Wisconsin as far as likes and dislikes or even hobbies or personality. Even its gender is a big mystery, although the voice it posses is perceived as female, it may carry male traits.

You are welcome to post your thoughts and comments here,
but please put them in a spoiler, my comments back and
answers will be in a spoiler as well! Ask away if you have ?'s!
This will be updated when more characters are introduced.

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