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How a Prince and His Friends Saved the World 
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Once upon a time, there was a prosperous kingdom in a peaceful land ruled by a kind Glaceon and a just Flareon.Their castle was on top of a mountain where a lush green forest was nearby.They built their castle there so their son could grow up happily.

A few months later, their son was born!The whole kingdom celebrated the prince's birth.A bunch of Plusles and Minuns set off sparks which said 'Long live Queen Glaceon!Long live King Flareon!And long live the Prince!'

But the Prince did not live happily.He had no friends to play with for he was forever surrounded by guards and servants, and all the other children were afraid to play with the Prince because the guards around him were strong and powerful Braviary. Besides, he also had training sessions and lots of lessons with his tutor, a wise Noctowl.

One day, he could not stand the life in the castle any longer.So, he decided to run away. When the clock chimed midnight, the young prince sneaked away from his room and killed the guards at the entrance.Finally, he was free to do as he chose! Such joy made him suddenly fill up with energy, and he knew that he was evolving! At first, he could not believe his eyes.His body was larger, stronger and allowed him to move with more grace and agility. He was triumphant.Now, no one could recognise him , not even his own parents! He spent the night in the woods.

The next morning, Umbreon was found missing and the guards killed.The King was overcome with worry and thought that maybe someone had abducted his son. He immediately ordered his guards to ask every single citizen about the news of his son's whereabouts, but to no avail.

The King tried for many days, but still failed to find his son, for everyone in the kingdom was looking for an Eevee, not an Umbreon.

Meanwhile, Umbreon was enjoying himself at a nearby village, walking through the streets, sniffing the fresh air ......

Suddenly, a Starly crash landed on him.'Ouch!'they said at the same time.Starly apologised 'I'm so sorry!I saw Staraptor at the circus performance yesterday. His Brave Bird move was amazing!'Umbreon, who had also seen the circus's performance at the palace before said' Never mind, I think Staraptor's really cool too!Too bad I can't fly.'

Umbreon and Starly became friends almost immediately. She took him to her house and they started chatting about recent events. Umbreon finally had a friend!Umbreon decided to invite her to stay at the palace.He said'One day you must come and stay at the palace.'Starly was startled and said'Flying Turtwigs! The palace?You must be the prince!And I just crash landed on him!Oh dear me! I don't wanna go to jail!......

Umbreon assured her that he had run away and he just forgot to keep his identity hidden.but she still kept saying'I'm really really really really really really really really very very very very very very sorry, Your Majesty!'Umbreon said 'Please stop calling me your majesty, before everyone knows my identity!'

Starly knew that he needed a home and let him stay.

As the weeks passed into months, the warm summer days shifted into the cool Autumn.Umbreon and Starly trained hard every day in a isolated forest clearing.

Finally, one Winter morning, Starly evolved into Staravia!

Umbreon congratulated her and they celebrated by treating themselves to a visit to Teddiursa's sweet shop for candy.On the way to the shop, they saw a poster that gave them a shock of their lives.

First was a poster of them wanted dead or alive with a reward of $5000, and the next one was a notice stating that should a dark type pokemon was seen, they should be reported or executed should they be working for the Dark Lord.

Umbreon and Staravia were shocked.They were lucky that nobody was on the street on such a cold day, except...... a Noctowl. They immediately ran for cover in the woods, but Noctowl went after them in hot pursuit.

'Wait up,Your Majesty!It's me, Noctowl!Umbreon stopped immediately in his tracks.Noctowl caught up with them and said 'please don't attack me!I swear I won't hand you in!I saw you escape while I was hunting during the night.The Dark Lord is an evil king who seeks to conquer the whole world of pokemon with his army of dark type pokemon.He wants to recruit all the dark type pokemon in the country.If they refuse, he will kill them.The west part of the kingdom was destroyed, and your parents were whisked away to the dark castle during the attack!Please come back and rule over your pokemon while they are gone!If you don't, the kingdom will fall into the Dark Lord's reign, and we shall suffer greatly.'

Umbreon thought about everything he had done since he left the castle, and found that he had also been very selfish, for he had neglected his role as a prince.Therefore, he said 'Wise choice, your majesty.'

The next morning, the whole kingdom gathered in the city square to hear what the prince had to say.'Good morning, everyone.I am here to make an important announcement.The Dark Lord has declared war on us by destroying the west part of our kingdom, the City of Emeralds.As a prince, I shall lead those who are willing to fight into battle. If you are willing to fight, go to the small hill near the Wild Plains tomorrow at dawn.'

The next morning, around half of the whole kingdom had gathered under the hill, making it very crowded.

Umbreon then appointed a General, a smart Lucario, and a strategist, an Alakazam.If Umbreon was killed during the battle, Noctowl would take his place.

With the help of Alakazam and Noctowl, Umbreon set up a spy network which consisted of many different types of Dark type pokemon.

To be continued......

If you like my story, please pm me your comments and I will continue on the other part of the story!Thanks!Also, spare a click for my pokemon! :yay:


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