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Zera's Poem Collection 
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In Time...

Is like a sweet sorrow

at one point its there

and the next its gone.

Like the falling of leaves in winter

it disappears into the ground.

Time passes by

with a short wave

and a mild hello.

Time is what we need

to grow food,

to grow wiser,

to grow old,

and to give life.

Yet, we do not want Time

to late to do something you want,

in time there is death,

in time there are wrinkles,

in time we all disappear.

I soar through sky

with jade wings

and ruby feathers.

My saphire eye's

see the clouds move and twist

into shapes they form

from bird to dragon

and dragon to wolf.

The wind slightly blows

and I close my eyes

to feel the peace

and hear wind's song

as it carries the howls, tweets and roars

with it's sweet smelling flowers

making me high.

Though I may land in tree awhile

I will always return

to my home in the blue.

Our love sun
I sit here waiting
for our love long lost
to wash ashore once more.
Our love like the sun
it has set beyond ocean blue
to rest with you,
and every night I wait
to see the sun once more
bearing your heart to me.

Our hearts have traded

and minds remember

the warmth in touch

from each other.

I caught your heart at first sight

as you caught mine at first kiss.

The sun has dropped your love

for me into shining rays

that warm my skin

and melt my heart.

Come back to me my love

and let our hearts be whole

once more.

My Dreams
I dream a dream of water clear

with forest dancing to winds melody

as birds sing songs to the flowers

and the flowers wave good day.

I sit in a glade

with horse at my side

watching the clear blue sky.

With a wolf as companion and horse as steed

I set off for distant land

to find a meaning of life in foreign lands.

To the desert dunes I travel

and see the unknown beauty

as a rat scuttles into den

and snakes hide under brush.

Into snow I trek

unseeing of the hare fleeing

from my wolf companion.

On into busy streets I wondered

where people were thick

and shops a plenty.

Through plains I ran

fleeing the lions

and avoiding the buzzards.

Then back to the glade

to rest all day

and wondering where to go

the next day.

Saving Me
I feal myself falling

into depths below

where nothing is.

It feals like a dream

but it's reality.

It feals so slow

yet is very quick.

Will anyone care

of a dead man

in a canyon brown.

Fear is not an option

as the ground closes in.

With a thud and a crack

my body hits

and gives away

to darkness vast.

Waters Embrace
I wonder when waves ment goodbye.
As you crossed ocean blue
only to see water swirl
as burning tembers drown.
I waited and watched
will sparkling eyes
to see you arise.
Though far away
I saw you clear
as you whispered
a breath
saying my name.
Into ocean's embrace you went
and out of mine
so in turn I cried
a river red into ocean blue
just to see you
one last time
before sunrise
and sunset
broke us apart.
As a name was whispered
day became night
and the stars cried,
the ocean rose with a gift,
a gift of birth
of our own twilight.

Dear Writer
Dear writer
you go off in your world
to learn of it
so that you may share it
but why share
such glorious worlds
with those that cannot see
what we believe is real.
Is it a dream
that others may come
to realize our world as real.
Give your hopes up
nothing will change
they read to pass time
not to learn of worlds beyond them
let them go on with their petty lives
so that one day they may see
how wrong they were
to shun us
when we have the key
to unlock the door
to worlds beyond.
Our aliens
shall be real
in time they'll be created
by our own
to do their bidding
and we'll say we warned you
but no one listened
to the crazy man on balcony
as he said plainly
the future to come
as robots were built
and androids made
by our selfish needs
only to turn on us.
So I ask why warn them
Dear Writer
they will go on
and do it any way
only to suffer
for not noticing
what we have said.

Love and Pain
Love is like a disease
spreading through your body
only to stop your heart
when the day comes that you lose something dear.
The day when before your eyes the reaper is there
and you feel the last breath coming close
as someone dies.
You can hear their last words
"I Love You."
Love strikes you like an arrow in the heart
as the love you once remembered becomes pain.
With every step you take away
the tears build up to last forever.
If only you hadn't loved them
would your heart be whole today.
With memories forgotten
and a new day ahead
with no dwelling on the past
if only you could change the past
then you would have said this is wrong
I will not go out with you
for there is only lies and betrayal
in the future ahead.
But you've made your choice
and must live with pain and fear
for another heart break shall kill you.
With a passionate glare
a man sends you
but with an arrow sticking out of your chest
like wounded soldier
you harden and say no
to fear and pain.
You will never give in
as long as the mountains do not bow.
When the time comes to love again
be sure to say
"I will never love you until I'm sure you won't leave."

The paradise risen
where man was born,
where first sin was made,
and punishment decided.
When woman was born
and fed the animals.
There was a lizard
who though he was better than the rest
and so tricked the woman
to take the barren fruit.
She and man were punished
many times over for one mistake.
And the lizard arrived before fate
to become legless and killed by man.
Forever punished, forever damned
was the snake that had made sin real.
So we were punished
and learned from that single mistake
so why suffer now
when our ancestors made the mistake
to take the fruit unbinding.
Why do we always want more
when we have enough to live?
Our greed kills others,
Our pride destroys us,
Our Laziness makes us fat,
Our lust makes others cry,
Our gluttony consumes our souls,
Our wraith destroys all,
Our envy makes fear real.
So why lust for more when u have enough,
why make vengeance when it has no right,
why have so much pride to make us lose sight of a goal.
Because we made that sin possible
when we are selves made that choice
to take what we already had enough of
we condemned ourselves to lasting pain
till we see a light
and land at the pearly gates
which border our home of peace.
Follow truth and you will never stray from the right path,
the path to an everlasting eternity on golden streets.

I see it swaying in the distance
a thing of beauty in barrin land,
a place of dreams come to life.
A place where weariness washes away in the Fountain of Youth.
So long I've searched
only to find no place like this one.
I now have a place to call my own,
a place only I know.
A place of peace seen only by me.
Somewhere I belong
amongst the people of old
where monsters roam
and machines are myth.
This is my mirage
the place I made amongst the desert dunes,
and past the mountain tops.

Hear the clock ticking
towards the morning
when air is crisp
and darkness flees the day.
The hour you wake up
and relize your dreams are just dreams.
The hour your imagination
let's go to reality.
When will it end?
When will the dreams come to stay?
Will it be when day becomes night?
Our fear are renewed with each new day
and so is our pain.




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Fri May 25, 2012 10:25 am
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They're amazing! I actually wanna cry right now at their amazingness :sob:

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Sat Jul 07, 2012 4:37 pm
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I loved the Soaring one. It reminded me of a Taillow. I almost cried when I read the whole thing. :sob:

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Fri May 10, 2013 6:10 pm
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i love the Dear Writer one, it is just amazing and for the most part that is how i feel about all the other people who read the books i do
i am not a writer but my mom is and i totally get the poem
write more poems they are really good


Fri May 10, 2013 6:22 pm
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