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Poetry isn't Poe. Gifted isn't Genepe. 
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Woah updates. Um, in the one you posted march 19, there's a broken color tag and the "how" needs to be capitalized in the same sentence. Then you forgot a space after the period in the 4th to last paragraph, forgot a period after "slightly", then you misspelled responsible, and then finally you forgot a space between "and" and "the" in the 2nd to last 'graph.

I think you should keep it here. It's nice to have everything in one place, and you update this often enough that it's not like this thread is old or anything (it's often at the top, ahaha).
I'll just be over here catching up. :V

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Tue Apr 05, 2011 9:33 pm
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I think I fixed everything.
I think Celia's dialogue is a bit too hard to read on vdex skin.
sob, I really should run my writing through a spell checker LAAAAZYYYY

Thanks for the errors and the suggestion, though~

Imagethanks to crisps and MannaKallat for their works

Wed Apr 06, 2011 1:45 am
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Spoiler: show
The room they led me was on one of the higher 'storey' of the colony. Instead of stairs, series of tunnels were used. There were complex networks of tunnels, but were marked to show which goes where; for example, as Rai pointed out on the way, tunnels leading to different storeys are usually marked with the same number of indents as the storey level at the mouth of the tunnel.

In any case, the room we were in now were mainly made of rock; the walls, roof, floor... some furnitures were wooden, but those were very rare; almost all the furniture were from a type of rock, while ornaments were mainly from clay. Even so, it looked like the chairs and bed had a slightly softer texture.

"There are expedition parties that goes near the surface to hunt," Celia said to me when I asked.

"They bring back various things like the game they catch, plants and seeds that grows near the surface, gems like Sun stones -those are used to power the static lights around here since they last longer and emit a certain kind of light which plants and humans alike needs- and Shiny Stones which are virtually impossible to find in this level of underground we're in. We, as a colony, strive to make use of the various items that we can find to survive. Though..." she trailed off, her eyes glancing at the boy and girl duo who both had a light, apologetic smile. Looking at them, I couldn't help but smile at what I saw only moments ago.

The state of this room was... a disaster when we arrived, to put it lightly. This room was filled with bits and pieces of rocks, ornaments, broken pots and bowls, you name it. Apparently Chianti was using this spare room, which was next to hers, as a treasure stash and place to hide her accidental destruction of cutlery for the past few years. She was slaving a youg boy, the one who's next to her currently, to clean up the mess. The boy was a tall guy, easily as tall as Rai, who was the tallest in the colony so far. Yet the boy had childish features; those cute, round eyes and shaggy hair, his dirty face and the way he dressed - he was wearing a shapeless, faded green shirt and some blue pants which were torn in various places. It wasn't because of what he was wearing that made him look childish, since Chianti had changed to the same clothes except her top was lighter blue, but rather the sloppy way he wore it. That, and he didn't have any footwear. It made him look like a wild, fun-loving guy on a growth spurt.
( ´Д`)ノ(´・ω・`)

"Weeeellll, Here 'tis your room now, Vee!" Chianti shouted in a slightly smaller voice than before, breaking me out of my thoughts. Currently, Celia, Rai and I were sitting on the small table to the side [where we sat as the two toiled away cleaning] while Chianti and the boy was standing nearby with their hands on their waist.

"Now that I'm not busy looking for any more broken pots that I was framed for," the boy said, giving a glare at Chianti -who met his glare with a mock pout- before turning back to me with a slight smile. "I'm called Torrone; I do hope Chi hasn't been treating you too roughl-"

"TORR?!" I cringed at the sudden shout from Chi. Torrone stuck his tongue out at her, whose hands went to Torrone's neck... but grasped only air as he skitted back and out the room with a cheeky grin. After letting out an indistinguishable cry, she chased him, her voice disappearing as she went further from the room.

"Σ(゜д゜;)" Celia said. Rai coughed. I sighed, not only because of the two loud kids [even though they seemed my age] were now gone, but also because I realized how drained I suddenly felt. The pressure from that hostile colony and Chianti's hyperactivity was finally putting a toll on me, I guessed.

"...Miss Verity," I heard Rai's voice and turned to face him. He looked a little troubled, to which Celia chuckled.

"Rai, you don't have to add 'Miss' to her name; you're too formal!" Rai coughed again at Celia's words before speaking to me again.

"I apologize for what had happened back then, both with the colony members and with... Miss Juleps." He started. Celia whispered to me that 'Miss Juleps' was Chianti, though I already guessed from how he called her that before.

"It's fine, I guess... though I'd like to know why they were like that," I said, looking down at myself; the problem was her white coat. They recognized instantly where it was from, and then started the massive hostility.

"Naturally. To start off, Brenner -the man who spoke up from the start- and almost all the adults in the colony lived above ground, where we all came from. I do not know what that city calls itself now, but in the past, during my time at least, there was no name given - after all, as an ordinary citizen, we were never told that there were anyone living outside the city borders." I nodded at his words; even now, the city I grew up and lived in didn't have a name... it was just called the City. We were never told about anything outside the City, as it's said that the City was the only habitable place in the entire country, the other lands were dangerous because of the pollution.

"The people here are... survivours from the government's wrath, so to speak. They were all ordinary citizens; engineers, teachers, workers and the like who had stumbled upon the secret project the government was working on - the Pokemons."


"Yes; just knowing wasn't a problem at first. The disaster developed when the Pokemon's true potential was found out by the researchers. The higher ups of the government started to fear the possibility of this power to fall into civilians... and they knew that giving this much power to ordinary citizens will hinder them. So came the new rule; any non-government worker founded to know or were in contact with Pokemon was to be banished out into the polluted lands." Silence followed as Rai paused, taking another breath.

"This was where the government made a foolish decision; they promised a higher wealth and promotion to those who found the ordinary citizens in contact with Pokemon. Soon, seeing an easy way to gain power and wealth, many, many government workers, mostly researchers and guards, started to make citizens come in contact with Pokemon, then report them." Rai's eyes fell on my white lab coat. "The researchers' white coat and the guards' taser-guns became the two objects of fear... and now an object of hate and anger to the adults in this colony - many of the young ones, Miss Juleps for example, were born and raised here in the colony, and so does not share the same hatred." He closed his mouth after those words, his eyes glancing at Celia before leaning back on his seat.

It made sense now. Looking down at the lab coat on me again. Being forced to leave their loved ones behind, forced to die... I sympathized with them, since... I wasn't that much different to them now. Kana...

"Kana..." Celia echoed. Did I speak that out loud? She glanced at Rai once, then spoke softly and slowly. "I should tell you that we, Rai and I, are... exceptions, since, well, we were once researchers on the lab with Kana."

to the next part

Imagethanks to crisps and MannaKallat for their works

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Fri Apr 29, 2011 1:02 am
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Like a tiny burst of fantasy,
Enriched is my memory;
My taste buds yearn for that pale, sour wonder
On the tip of my tongue
Now and forever long~

Because I forgot if I posted this.
Lemon is my favourite fruit, apart from Strawberry.
I even eat the peel; that's how much I love eating them. XP


it's simply refreshing!
Do you know how many dishes have Lemons in them?! Seafood, certain noodles and even foreign dishes to name a few.

...Well, eating a whole Lemon and putting Lemon in dishes are totally different, but yeah. :Va

I like it so much, I named my previous laptop after it. [before the harddrive melted, that is.]

Well... that's about it, really. :Va

That's what I wanted to say, and thus is what I posted today.

Imagethanks to crisps and MannaKallat for their works

Mon May 02, 2011 10:24 pm
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Sweet is its sour, fruity goodness,
Tempting is its blood-red hue;
Rich, it is, in every likeness
As every bite swells the taste anew!
While it carries a deadly cyanide
Beneath its hundred seeds,
Enjoy the danger this beauty provide!
Rest assured, this fruit ain't one for misdeeds.
Rather, its lethality is too low to be of harm;
Yes, so enjoy! its taste, its looks, its charm!

...Now I want some strawberries.

And a [pointless] trivia; I eat the leaf things too.
though... my girlfriend called me a human trash can because of that. XP

My hunger pangs brought about the words I pounced to shout.

Imagethanks to crisps and MannaKallat for their works

Wed May 04, 2011 8:50 am
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Entree is your jealousy

Have you seen a man's passion, burning bright?
Or the washed-out blue of a rainy night?
Life is full of green and yellow and spectral glee
Lovely colours that I cannot have, but only see.

Main course is desire;

Often do I wonder why that would be so
Why can't a violet sky look down below?

Pay no heed to sympathy

Entranced by my curiosity
"Disrupt the laws of colours!" thought me.
Before I knew it, my skies weren't blue
Earth wasn't brown, but held a white hue.

Toast to our happy satire!

My world has changed in a blink of an eye;
Yellow, blue, violet; a rotational sky!
Name a colour, and you'd see it everywhere!

Yet in the end...

As colours cycled the spectrum, they merged
Making a sicking dull grey;
Emotions of mine followed suit, becoming grey - no distinct joy, no sadness, no hope... nothing.

...Okays, this kinda went off-hand. Sob, what is moodswings.
I wonder if anyone ever felt that they were so full that they feel... empty?
I don't know if it'll make any sense... Well, I guess this is what makes people say the more money you have the emptier/meaningless one feels. Idk.

What I know is that I have times when I REAAALLY want something. I desire it, i envy others who have it. But once I have it, I quickly lose interest.

It never really happens less than once; when I feel that way, I feel that way for... many many things at once. When I do manage to get them all, all I feel... is just meh.

I once had every material things; experienced all the things I've ever wanted, I was free to do whatever. I guess I sound quite snobbish or arrogant or whatever, but yeah.

What I found out was that things... really doesn't hold much meaning. I mean, yeah, money is great and all. Yeah, happiness is great and all. But really, what good are they? they're all just a fleeting thing; they never stay with you, nor can they ever can fulfil you. Now, I'm not saying they're bad or worthless; it's nice to feel good, it's nice to be able to buy lunch and such. But really, the more you have, the more it'll become a meaningless thing.

Hypocrisy is but a fleeting behaviour of a grey-ridden life.

Imagethanks to crisps and MannaKallat for their works

Fri May 13, 2011 7:09 am
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In terms of active-ness, mind you.

Don't think I'll stay dead forever though;
It's just that they're so many things to do!
Ever since I hit the legal adult age, these documents and offical scripts came in tow.
...Dang it, give me time to reeeeeeestttttttt :c

I remember the times when writing corner never updated; my thread was always on the top five most recent despite having no new posts for a week or two.

And then I came back and lo and behold, page 2~
Now I wanna see more writers so that I can lurk their stories.
I apologize to my fellow RPers /*as I presume many forum roleplayers would eventually come hither*/ that I've been MIA for a... few... long... some time >>
But I cannot remember exactly how many RP threads I was in nor can I remember which ones are active or not, so I'll just apologize here. I'm sorry. If the RP's still going on, just pass my character away; I don't think I'll ever go on it again due to real life happenings. I'm really sorry!.

And here's a yet another update of fail fanfic that I started hopelessly a few months ago. FEAR MY WALLTEXTS OF RANDOM BABBLES have fun reading.

Nameless Fanfic, part idek.

Spoiler: show
"You were what?" That... that was unexpected, but thinking back, it wasn't so out-in-the-air; they knew about her, so why can't they be a researcher too? but...

"How come you two aren't treated like... like me?"

"No one knew until we were well-fitted into the colony," she answered with a soft smile. "Our coats and Pokemon, along with everything that was deemed 'governement property' was taken away from us, then abandoned in a tunnel to die. We weren't the only ones that were cast out, but... the only ones who survived." She trailed her words, an evident pain in her face which prevented me from asking how they survived. Luckily, I caught something to ask about instead.

"...A tunnel?"

"Yes; it was located on the lowest floor of the lab, blocked by an ancient door marked 'emergency exit'. It was a one-way door that only opened from the lab's side... well, if we had Pokemons, or even our standard lab equipments, it wouldn't be much of a problem, but the metal door was human-proof."

"...I thought that tunnel leads somewhere. Kana and I used it to escape... well, attempt an escape before Aaron..."

"Oh, yes, it leads to a hidden door on the outskirts of the City, but you need a government pass to open the doors."

"Ah... well, it used to, you mean." I muttered, remembering the debris wall due to that Metang's attack. Celia must not have heard my words since she didn't respond. Instead, she got up with a failed attempt of a smile towards me.

"Well, we can talk about more things tomorrow. For now, get some rest; we'll be here first thing, so don't worry about anything," she said. Rai got up as well, nodding towards me as a silent gesture of agreement, before leaving the room together.

"What's this?" I asked, looking at the peculiar thing that Rai just gave me; a beige rectangular block of some sort, though it was very light.

"This is a Memory Fragment, or MemFrag for short," he started off. "Celia took a few blank MemFrags from that labcoat along with the Pokeballs before. They store data and information." I looked up at him from the bed I was sitting; he had kept his word about coming here first thing, surprisingly. At least he came after I had time to wash and get dressed. It was the first time I truely missed the automatic washers and such; at least they had aquaducts to store water on each floors.

"And you're giving this to me... why?"

"You can view the said data via the labcoat. May I?" He asked, pointing to the labcoat that was currently hanging by the rocky coat hanger that was carved on the wall somehow. I nodded an 'okay', curious about the labcoat's functions.

Rai spread the coat out flatly on the bed, the inner side of the coat exposed and facing the ceiling. There was a glossy black rectangle which blinked to life when he placed a finger on it, showing a portrait of Kana next to her name and details. My eyes locked onto her calm face that I will never see in real life again. Not even her cheeky smile, nor her hyperactive figure pushing me around. Blinking rapidly, I looked away from the image and to Rai's fingers, seeing what he was doing. He placed the MemFrag on the corner of the rectangle screen; the length of the MemFrag was exact to the width of the labcoat's screen. Kana's identification faded to black again - a green dot started to blink in a circular motion. Soon, the screen changed again, now a line separating the left and right side of the screen. On the left, there were yellow squares aligned with a word beside each yellow square; KHazama, DexData and MemFrag. The word 'MemFrag' was encased in a black line, as if indicating that was selected. On the right were words next to two yellow squares - Other and Recent - while there were multiple white squares with some kind of words I've never seen before; Geodude, Zubat and so on.

"This MemFrag holds the data of all the Pokemons that's been seen around here," Rai explained. "The white square represents a 'data'. If you touch it, you can get the information of them. The yellow square represents a 'folder'. touching it will get you the 'data' that's inside the 'folder'; think of it like a pocket to sort out the data." He pressed the white and yellow squares respectively when he explained; touching the one labelled 'Geodude' resulted an identification screen like the one about Kana; a portrait of a grey, rock-like Pokemon along with things labelled 'Stats, Moves, Growth Capacity/Level' and more. Touching the corner drew the screen back to the list. Clicking the 'Recent' folder resulted in showing more white 'data' files, this time labelled 'Woobat, Roggenrola' and such.

"So these are all the Pokemons around here?" I asked.


"What's with the Pokemons on the 'Recent' Folder?"

"Ah; those are the Pokemons that recently started appearing, perhaps about a month or so before you came. The others, like Geodude, was abundant from the day I came here."

"..." That made me remember that mysterious Pokeball. Speaking of which, it had let out a light when Kana hold it...

"Is there a way a Pokemon in the ball influence the one who's holding it?" I asked Rai suddenly. He went silent for a moment before answering slowly.

"... Not that I am aware of. I'm not sure what you're referring to, but I have heard of instances where a Pokemon's move had afflicted the ball it was inside. I've never come across such occurances, so I cannot say anything for sure." I nodded at his explanation, purposely avoiding his questioning look. After a brief moment, he went back to explaining about this device, knowing that I won't say anything. It's not that I don't trust them, but I just didn't want to tell them about the ball... yet. Maybe when I get over the fact that Kana...

"If you press this, the main memory inside the labcoat will copy all the information from the MemFrag. When you want to see the information it has stored, then just press this. As you can see..." his explanation continued, and I listened; I wasn't sure why he was telling me all this, but I didn't ask; if I was to have the coat with me, I decided that it was better off knowing what I can do with it.

Besides the Dex, [as that was what Rai called that screen] he showed me the different pockets with its functions; the weight-capacity control, the different devices that was fitted inside and the six Pokeball slots and all the bits and pieces. All I could say was technology is such a mysterious thing; it's just like magic or something.

The explanation was cut short by Chianti. She just barged in suddenly, dragging Torrone and shouting "VEE VEE VEEEEEE!". Rai gave a helpless look before hanging the coat back on the coat hanger.

"Oh hey Rai! what were you doing here all alone with Vee~? Were you hitti-"
"Chi!" Torrone interrupted Chianti. "He has Celia, remember?" he whispered loudly. She facepalmed.

"You don't get it, Torr, he's DOUBLE CROSSING HER."

"I'm not double-crossing anybody." Rai spoke matter-of-factly. Chianti pouted.

"AWWW, you're no fuuuuun, you're supposed to be like all blushing and denying and stufff!"

"...well, can I help y-"

"VEE, DON'T WORRY, I'll save you from this creep!" ...Did she just cut me off? -_-;;; Well in any case, I felt her hands around my arm as soon as she said that; with a tremendous force that I never knew she had, she dragged me out of the bed and out the safety of the room. Looking back, Rai was still sitting there with a small smile. Honestly, what was he doing? Please don't leave me in the hands of a hyper like her~ wait, what am I thinking? am I being infected by her hyper-ness?! Insert crazy giggling here.
...Okay, I'm freaking myself out just about now.

to the next part

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Sat Aug 20, 2011 1:04 am
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Genepe I haven't read any of your works in ages now. I promse I'll try to catch up with the fic soon!

Check out my blog!


Mon Aug 29, 2011 10:21 am
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It's fine MD, I havent been updating in a while. And I lost like a lot of fragments I've typed up sob...

Nameless Fanfic, the next part thing.
Spoiler: show
"...Is this really necessary?"

"Sure. What, scared? Ohh, this is your first time, isn't it~? stay still, let me lead you..." I gave a weary glare at Chi. She gave a playful smile in return, getting closer. Ehhhhh, I couldn't move away, behind me was...

"T-Torr, a little help?"

"Sorry, but this is the only way," came the reply from somewhere behind the horrible creature creeping towards me with a lustful fais Chi. If only this place had more light than a single Shiny Stone lamp to illuminate the small cavern we were in. It was then she lunged towards me; surprized, I backed awa- wait, behind me was...


...Hmm, this feels familiar. Oh right, water. It was clear enough to be illuminated by the lamp a few distance back, also showing me the muted, but definitely giggling figure of the mischievous girl. In any case, it was pretty deep here, just a little higher than two of me, maybe. Pushing myself up, I broke the surface, gasping in air, coughing a little. Turning to where Chi was, I sent another death glare... or tried to, but she was already gone, cannonballing into the pool of water right next to me.

more splash and water everywhere suddenly.

Ugh, I'm starting to hate this cold and wet and all that...

"C'mon Torr, we're gonna go aheaaaad~!" came the energetic voice from behind me, to which he answered... with a freaking cannonballing right next to me dammit. Sigh, you guuuuyyyys, make your secret hideout somewhere far, faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away from the waters next time.

On the other side of the submerged path was another small cavern, much like the one we were just then, only the rocky walls were replaced by familiar sheen of white. It wasn't as clean, but they were definitely artificial plating, the kind used Above, at my hometown. While I was gazing at the place, the duo got out of the water; Chi went towards the walls while Torr placed the lamp on a rock jutting out near the base of the water path we took. So they were waterproof. I got out too albeit sluggishly; my clothes were drenched and heavy, so were theirs. This is why secret hideouts needs to be far, faaaaaaaaaar away from the waters.

"C-come on, Vee's s-shivering," The boy called out to Chi, then motioned me to sit near him. Pft, you're shaking as well, don't put the blame on me! but I obliged, seeing a familar scorched mark of a fire on the ground near him. The girl came back with a peculiar stone; not a Shiny Stone, for this one was red... which turned yellow and back upon the light and it seemed to hold a slither of fire inside it. When she tossed it at the burnt mark on the ground it instantly came alive with hungry flames, covering the cavern with warmth.

"H-heh?! what just happened?" I called out, flinching. Chi sat heavily next to me, hands towards the fire.

"Fire Stone plus this thingimajig," She spoke. "Rai and Celia tinkered with this weird plated floor to make this work; something about technology from Above. It's uber good since our secret entrance is pooled up and it keeps filling up even if I scoop the water out. Aaaaaaaaand..." her words trailed off as she proudly revealed three dirty cans from her back.

"Hot Food!" Torr exclaimed. He was taking the Sun Stone out of the lamp, probably since we didn't need it for now. He then grabbed the cans off of Chi and placed them near to the fire.
While waiting for the food to heat up, the two started talking; about places they've explored or how they pranked others of the colony and such. I decided to look around seeing as how I didn't know who or where they were talking about.

This cavern was longer than it looked; when I reached the other side, the chatter was barely audible and only their silhouettes could be seen. My fingers trailed at the tiled wall; despite how it was not clean and eaten away by time, it still felt cool under my skin; cool and smooth like my room wall. It had always soothed me during the nights when Kana didn't come back from work, and it seems that it still does that to me.

"Food's done~!" A cheery voice echoed the cavern. Giving a nod towards the two, I went back. A can with steaming reddish... mush inside greeted me; the other two were already being spooned to the duo with much puffing and exclaims of burnt tongue.

"It's called "Red Beans", Chi commented when she saw me poking at it with my spoon. "Yummier than it looks. Don't want? I'll have th-" Before she could finish, I took a spoonful. Bad move, it was still quite hototototototttttt! But at least it was enough to make her pout and retract her greedy hands off of my breakfast, and she was right; it does taste good!

We headed back to the colony after another brief chatting session. This time Chi talked about her Batty, the Golbat (well, she was the one talking mostly before too, but yeah). And then it was interesting to see how they put out the fire; a single switch on the wall. That deactivated the system apparently. And remember how Chi brought that stone and food out of nowhere? turns out there was a hidden shelf of some sorts. A couple Stones, couple hundred cans and couple thousand junk. Chi's junk. Even so, I was surprized to find a MemFrag amongst that junk; she didn't know what it was though. I wonder if those things are water-proof though? unsure unsure, better to come back later for it I guess; at least the Labcoat itself is waterproof and I didn't wanted to risk breaking it before seeing what's inside.

It was almost afternoon when we returned, or so I was told; everyone at the colony used the Giant Sun Stone cluster mechanism thing in the main place as their clock since the Sun didn't reach this place at all. A few colony adults passed us by, but they just trudged on, ignoring us. Chi waved and greeted them, but they looked very... uncomfortable. Couldn't help but give a bitter smile at that. Despite the threatening behaviour before, everyone in the colony just... ignored me. I guess it was better than a massive fight, but...

In any case, everyone in the colony worked. Everyone, including Chianti and Torrone. They mostly helped gathering supplies like water and perhaps edible plant life or something, but from time to time they were the main force for exploration through small spaces; this colony only had adults and really little kids, so no one but they, excluding Pokemons who can't speak, could go through the crevices and holes to the other side and report and such. Of course, Sableye and Mawile, two Pokemons that Rai and Celia befriended, always went ahead and checked for big dangers.

In any case, about a week or so passed like that; there were surprisingly lots of chores to help out, and since I wasn't exactly welcomed, I had little choice but try to be on the colony's good side and help out. The trip to the two's hideout never happened again. Seems like they only go there for special occasions or something. One thing I found sad was that whenever I came around to help, all the talking and laughter stopped (well, Chi was the only one unaffected as usual) and work went ahead silently. One time I made an excuse to let them go back to their atmosphere... and it kinda backfired. Torr told me later that they were bad mouthing me as soon as I left and Chi punched and raged at them for it. No one was badly hurt, but...

At times like this, it's good to have someone like her I guess.

to the next part

Imagethanks to crisps and MannaKallat for their works

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Folders of my past and a box of my toys
Orange writing books which are filled with my joys
Ragged memos, journals, arts of girls and boys...

When did they all disappear?
Has it been hidden, or are they lost?
As I am a fool, for it's been a year
Though still I search, despite the cost.

Impossible it is, I already know
Still... nostalgia prompts me to go.

Let me not fall victim to despair
Over little material possessions that is no more
So long as I treasure them in my mind's lair
The essence is here, embed to my core.

Couldn't salvage Nostra's harddisk when it died. Lost like five years worth of my writing, art, music and everything. I always make a backup, but, well... my main HDD died about a year ago and Nostra's current HDD that failed WAS the backup >>
it's not like I have spare 500gb HDD lying around or anything, and the time when HDDs fail is spastic, so I wasn't prepared.
There were so many fragments of writing and prose I had worked on for so long... so many music pieces to mess around and my squiggles... sob.
I spent the past two weeks running about getting the files outta that HDD but it was no use; the disc had melted due to my poor laptop handling skills and the techs werent able to extract a single complete file... sob, I did this last year too when Nomel died. In any case, I guess now is the time to move on; essentially, I can prolly fill my newly arriving laptop's HDD with just as much image/music/words again. But geez, i feel so left out without a laptop to access the net whenever...

That was what I thought, and that was what I wrote

Imagethanks to crisps and MannaKallat for their works

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Magnemite, the Magnet Pokemon. The faster the units at its sides rotate, the greater the magnetic force they generate.
Known habitat: the City Research Lab.

"...Fudge." The thing I dreaded has finally came to light.

"Vee?" a girl's voice addressed me. Looking up from the Dex, I saw Chianti and Torrone a few steps away, realizing that I had stopped walking with them. Batty perched on Chi's shoulder.

"Chi, Torr, There's something I need to tell you. Remember that whirring noise Torr said he heard when we were fishing?" the two nodded at my question; it had happened only a few minutes ago since we were currently walking back to the colony with a bucket of catch.

"Yeah, well, using this dexScanner function on the labcoat, I found out what that noise was. I'm certain it's... a Pokemon sent out to find me... from above." I paused, before adding another sentence after seeing Chi's excited face. "it's not a good thing; remember the state you found me in? it's probably them." Ah good good, her face darkened. Probably from remembering the time. Torr didn't look as dark, but he was grim too.

"Well, whatta you waiting for? let's hide you then! c'mon!" Oh, hm, I never thought about hidi-
"Wait Chi, we don't even know where that Pokemon is!" I called out as she started charging running towards the colony. Le sigh.

It was then when the wide rocky tunnel we were in flashed in a blinding light for a second or so, followed by a hair-rising crackling sound. Blinded and unexpected, I screamed, instinctively curling to the wall and shielding my face, but I didn't stay like that for long. A feminine scream, then a bat screech, followed by an unnatural whirring sound!

It took more than I wanted for my eyes to readjust, but when it did, I found myself alone in the dark. No, dark isn't right; a spot of light in the distance; the Shiny Stone Lamp Torr was holding! The current situation became clearer as I ran towards the light.

"Chi, hang in there!" He shouted while shaking the girl who was lying limply in his lap. The Magnemite was only like three steps away, an aggravated Batty between us and it. Sparks snaked around the Magnet Pokemon while its U-shaped units rotated rapidly, creating the whirr sound.

"Tsk, what do we do now? we can't just go to the colony; that Pokemon will find out about everyone!" I blurted. Torr nodded, then stood up, lifting Chi's unconscious body with him.

"I need to take Chi to the colony; she's hurt from that last attack," his voice sounded... strange, like as if he was gritting his teeth. "...You said that Pokemon was after you, right?"

"Ye- wait, are you trying to say that I should be the bait?"

""You're not alone; Batty will be here, and I'll come right back with help as soon as I can. Please, I don't know if Chi's seriously hurt or not, I've gotta take her back." If his voice didn't have the desperation in it, I would've not allowed it so easily... but on the other hand, this meant that Torr would choose her over me... well, it's obvious since he knew Chi far longer than me. Sighing, I nodded. His face brightened noticeably, then somewhat dark again, probably due to my death glare.


"Doc! Hey, Doc!"
where was his room again? Damn it, don't panic, breathe, breathe. Chi's still breathing (a little) and the last thing she needs is me panicking. She would hit me and shout and complain, but that make me feel calmer at times like this. Oh, but she's the reason why I'm like this in the first place! ...this isn't the time to talk to myself!!

"Doc! Where are you-!" I've never ever shouted like this in the colony before since Chi was always one step ahead when it came to mischief and loudness. Ah, finally, a few curious heads poking out from tunnels and upper storeys. One of them was Doc! The second storey, huh?

I looked back the way I came before sprinting towards the Doc. Good, that Pokemon isn't following us. But what was that Pokemon? I've never seen one like that... it was most likely an electric type Rai and Celia once told us about, since I saw the yellow sparks that caught Chianti.

"Ganache! it's uncommon to see you act like..." a man's voice started, running towards me. "...Miss Juleps?" there's only one person in the whole colony who calls me by my family name.

"Rai! I'm glad to see you. Vee is all alo-"
"Torr! what gotten into you son, shouting like that!" Who cut me of- oh, Doc. Did he run down as well?

"Doctor Ganache, Miss Juleps seems to be afflicted with paralysis and shock. do we have any heals left?" Rai said to Doc after a brief look at Chi whom I was still carrying. Doc gave a confident nod, snatching the limp girl from me.

"I can cure her quick and easy, don't you worry son. Now run along, and next time call me 'father' or 'papa' or -"
"Doc, go cure her." for some reason cutting off Doc was much easier to do than with anyone else. Come to think of it, I swear at him too also, but only at him. I wonder why?

"Now, you were saying about miss Verity?"

"Ah, yes! we met a strange Pokemon and Vee claims..." I started. Just read back this post for what had happened, the author is being lazy and won't write it out again. In any case, despite my expectations, Rai's face didn't change. He nodded once then sprinted down to the tunnel I came from while getting a Pokeball out of his pocket. Out came Sableye - I still can't believe technology; how do those tiny balls carry Pokemon who are larger than it?

"...Ah, wait for me!" I shouted, realizing that I was standing absently then went to catch up with Rai; Chi would be safe with Doc. He might be one annoying father, but he's the best doctor in the colony.

Golbat, the Bat Pokemon. Its sharp fangs puncture the toughest of hides and have small holes for greedily sucking blood.
Known habitat: Caves and Dungeons
Known Moves: Super Fang | Poison Fang | Air Cutter | Wing Attack | Confu...

such a long list! It's not like as if I have the leisure to read through each and every move description! and I wasn't sure if Chi's batty would listen to what I say. Well, I guess I didn't have much choice; the first few clashes between the two Pokemon had left batty worse than he started off, while the Magnemite barely looked damaged. Having said that, batty's attacks consisted of biting or hacking with wings, which I was sure didn't affect mechanical Pokemons much. Oh no, the Magnemite's units are rotating again, quick, I have to do something...

"B-batty, try Air Cutter on the Magnemite!" I shouted; biting didn't seem to good of an attack especially when sparks flew about. The Golbat sliced his wings towards the Magnemite, but didn't make contact... but something must've hit Magnemite, for it had teetered and momentarily broke out of its whirr. Yes! Batty listened to me! He gave a soft screech which sounded like a giggle to me, then charged at the teetering Magnemite. Before I realized what he was doing, his fangs bit down on the magnet Pokemon. Unfortunately they barely made a scratch on the surface, and the Magnemite had recovered enough to emit sparks all around it. Batty tossed the Pokemon which he bit down to the corner in shock, but the sparks had worked their way to Batty; small slithers of charge ran around Batty and his wing beats slowed tremendously. The Magnemite which was thrown across the room now was silent, shrouded by the dust that arose due to the impact.

Next Part Hither

Imagethanks to crisps and MannaKallat for their works

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Circling in my mind all day,
Round and round, as I would say
Overflowing with a malicious grey...
Ordinary scenes of life;
Knifed and shredded with plague and strife.
Each scene, as they unfold,
Draws me closer to insanity's hold.

Raking... Breaking... soaking my mind
Enveloping me to a magenta grind
Despair was what I longed, but it is now... my bind.

Sanity? what is it.
Morals? a word that won't fit.
Innocence? never had that to sit.
Laughter? the food for my wit;
Eat. Protect] Shred. My] Him. Love]


Imagethanks to crisps and MannaKallat for their works

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Paralysis. That's what the dex told me of Batty's condition. He looked pained, but kept strong, glaring at the direction where the opposing Pokemon was thrown to. I doubted that the impact was enough to knock it out, so I was tensed, looking at the same direction as well. The dust cleared suddenly as Magnemite reappeared, making more mechanical sounds as it crashed to Batty with amazing speed. Surprized, Batty had attempted to swerve to the side, but wasn't fast enough to avoid it completely. There was another spark as they collided, this time wild sparks showering everywhere. I instinctly covered my face with my arms as I backed away, shouting the Golbat's name. The battle was over when the sparks died down; Batty was no longer able to stay airbourne, knocked down to the ground. He didn't move, yet there still were yellow charges snaking around his body from time to time. Alerted by the whirring noise, I looked up; the Magnemite was now facing my way, its single eye giving me an emotionless stare which made it look more terrifying than before.

What should I do, what should I do?! it could lunge at me any moment, plus it was capable of knocking out Batty with little difficulty... I knew I had no chance against such opponent. My feet felt heavy and sluggish, which made me doubt that I can run away, either.

A few minutes passed, but the Magnemite just... floated there, staring at me. I also stood my ground [in my case out of over thinking and frozen in fear] before realizing something wasn't right. Why wasn't it attacking me? Was I mistaken about it being sent by them? My body relaxed as time went by, my thoughts calming as well after the initial panic. Exhaling slowly, I lifted a leg which was when the Magnemite backed off a little, the mechanical whirring noise coming from its U-shaped things again. I froze once more, to which I found was enough to make it stop as well!

"...Is it being cautious?" I mumbled to myself. Then why did it attack Chi and Batty? Chi was running at the time, was that...? yes, Magnemite might have thought she was attacking it or something. Then if I didn't make any big moves, I should be fine?

I reasoned this idea was worth testing, so carefully, slowly, I moved to where Batty was. The Magnemite kept its eye on me, but didn't show any sign of hostility to my relief. Crouching down, I carefully picked him up to my arms. Now that I had him, all I needed to do was find a way to escape from that magent Pokemon. More thinking time; I just realized this wasn't much better than the start, ugh.

Wait, I thought I just saw a small flickering in the distance! My eyes darted around, trying not to move my head to quickly in case I would be rewarded with sparks. Was that just my imagination?

Two things happened then; a sudden man's voice shouting "Brick Break!", then a metallic CLANK followed by the rocky wall on the far side exploding. I looked around frantically before tensing, remembering that sudden movements might make me a victim of electricity, then relaxed a little realizing the Magnemite was nowhere to be seen now. A figure approached me then; darkish body with pretty decorations. The flicker I saw must've been its eye reflecting light. When I last saw it, he had called it...


"Vee! Are you alright?" I looked up; Torr and Rai had came as well. Then yes, this was Rai's Pokemon, sableye, the one I met before.

"Torr and Rai... oh, what happened to the Magnemite? It was just here!"

"It's been taken care of, though that is not our concern for now," Rai's low but calm voice answered.

"We should hurry back to the Colony before we get more... troubling guests." His hands slid under my legs and my back before I could reply, lifting me up with little difficulty. My voice slipped as he did so, making me blush. I caught him smile at that, but by then my attention was on the impaled wall which I could clearly see from this height. There was a round metallic thing stuck on the wall, pieces of metal scattered about on the ground. The Magnemite was completely out of commision now.

"R-Rai, I can walk by myself now," I called up to my rescuer when the light to the Colony was visible. He gave a silent nod before letting me down gently; Torr had been following us quietly, and I didn't attempt to talk either after seeing him trying not to make eye contact. Was he feeling sorry about leaving me behind? I wasn't mad at him or anything about it though...

Holding the still-unconscious Batty in my embrace, I walked the remaining few steps into the Colony's main floor. The Magnemite occurance felt surreal after seeing the same scenery I saw for the past weeks; a few heads glancing my way after catching a figure entering, then turning back to whatever they were doing, most having an apparent dislike on their face at the sight of me. Without a word, I took a turn to go up to my room and to my relief both Rai and Torr followed. The one thing that told me that battle a few minutes ago wasn't a dream was the weight on my arms, Batty. Many of the faces we went past held a curious look towards the Golbat, but none dared to speak out to the shunned girl, me. Rai's face was grim at seeing others' actions, but we both knew that nothing would change even if he interfered.

After that tiring walk, we finally reached my room. upon getting close to the entrance however, I caught sight of Chi's room. That was when Torr walked ahead of me, heading straight into her room. I paused, wondering if I should follow him in since I was worried about her as well, but Rai led me on into my room. I looked at him questioningly, but he didn't speak until we took a seat at the small table in my room.

"Would you kindly allow me to examine the Golbat?" He asked, to which I nodded, gently laying down the Pokemon on the table. He took a moment before talking again.

"Looks like a paralysis supplement and a health supplement would be required; I will take this Golbat down to the medical room. Miss Juleps is fine, she just needs a long rest - and I strongly advise you too, Miss Verity as we don't know what will happen next." I sighed in relief at the mention of Chi's condition and gave him a small nod. With that he rose, carrying the Golbat in his arms and swiftly left the room. I slumped onto the table instead of getting up; I was alone in a safe place now, and I didn't realize until now how tiring I felt. Maybe I should sleep a little as well...


Imagethanks to crisps and MannaKallat for their works

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So much time has flown for my misdeeds;
Loafing, sleeping and other trivial creeds.
On the night before the deadline of work,
That is when I give a single look before I shirk.
How long before the world torments over pleads?

I cannot simply withstand assignments. Exams I can deal with. The problem is my laziness and non-existent motivation. At least with exams I do it on the spot. Truth be told I'm currently getting more marks on an exam I haven't studied for than assignments. I know this is not a good habit; at this rate I'll have to repeat an year or two, which would not be favourable. And yet here I am surfing the net while I have two assignments due within three hours and yet to start.


That is my situation, and that is what I hoped to portray.

Imagethanks to crisps and MannaKallat for their works

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It only felt like I just closed my eyes when someone shook me awake. Looking up with visible irritation, I saw a grim faced Torr. Behind him was Chi! shouldn't she be in bed? I tried to stand up, but found my body aching all over, but the pains were subsiding rapidly. Oh... right, I fell asleep on the desk with my back hunched. Just how long was I knocked out?

"We've gotta get out now, get your things 'cause we might not come back for a long time." Torr spoke as he backed away to give me some space. I got up slowly; the initial ache was now passing, only a minor discomfort now. I was about to ask what was going on, but my mouth closed at the sight of the two's face. Torr being grim I understand, but Chi was looking serious! Just what was happening to make someone like her serious? Well... seeing as I've not much choice, I got up; this time I was able to getup without much pain. My legs still felt weak but it should be back to normal soon. Now, my things huh? I looked around to see if there was anything worth taking apart from the labcoat. For the time I stayed here, I didn't get any gifts or anything and neither did I go about collecting stuff.

"All set," I told them as I wore the labcoat on. It was a little big, coming down to my thighs but not enough to hinder my movement. I paused for a moment; wasn't the coat a little longer before?
Torr gave a silent nod, and the two headed out of my room. I followed them down and out of the colony. First thing I realized was that there were no lights. The lighting which the colony had never went off; at night times it would dim down so you would still be able to make out things but now it was complete darkness. Both Chi and Torr had a Lamp with them though, and I saw a few specks of light down below; other colony people, most likely.

"Are we evacuating?" I asked in a hushed voice; there was an eerie silence in the air, making me talk quietly. Chi nodded, her Lamp swaying a little with her nod. No one talked after that, and so I kept silent too. Something told me everyone was moving because of me; I mean, the only reason i could think of was that Magnemite which came from above, and seeing as how almost everyone here were exiled from the City, exactly what fate awaited them upon being discovered?

"...Hey wait a sec," I called out to the duo that was leading the way. "Where are we going? the everyone's over there." I vaguely pointed away from the direction we were walking to the bunch of lights.

"Yeah, about that; we're not going with them." Chianti spoke matter-of-factly. "Rai and Celia are gonna lead the others to the evac zone. We're going to our hideout."

"Oh..." I suppose it'd make sense to split us up, seeing as how Aaron and the Lab was after me. That way there would be less casualty to the colony as well.
In any case, the road to the hideout was silent save for our footsteps. Batty appeared along the way and to my relief he seemed fine, but yeah. The atmosphere was heavy overall, and it didn't help that it took ages before we got to the hideout. I guess we took the long way around or something.
If there was anything good that followed next, the hideout entrance wasn't full of water like before. Before I could ask though, Torr explained how he was here earlier and drained the place just like they had done it last time when leaving the hideout [which the author forgot to add last time, silly silly]. Nothing seemed different to before, and like last time, the three huddled against the Fire Stone fire. The heavy atmosphere gradually went away as Chianti got bored, and finally she broke off with random chattering. I was relieved to see Chi acting normal, and after a bit, Torr got up and brought canned food for all. That reminds me, there was a MemFrag there, wasn't there?

"Say," I interrupted as we all finished our food one by one. "Mind if I peek at that shelf thing with the canned food and such?"

"Aww, thought you were gonna say sumthing funny... well sure, go ahead." Chi replied with a mock disappointment. Torr smiled at that.
With a nod, I got up and went to the shelf thing. The MemFrag was still there just like last time. This time though, I had my labcoat with me. Picking it up, I pressed it onto the inner 'screen' on the coat. One thing I noticed while fiddling with all the stuff on the labcoat last few weeks was that there was a hologramic monitor on the outer part of the labcoat which allowed me to see the screen on my palm with the monitor. The MemFrag interestingly stayed stuck on the inner coat while it transferred data too. After a moment, the files menu blinked on the monitor, and I clicked on the MemFrag option. Amongst the files and folders that appeared on the screen, there was a strange blue file that I've never seen before. It was labelled "Start.exe" which made little sense to me, but I pressed it nonetheless. The screen flashed once and went black, then loaded a different screen.

MemFrag No. 2305 | Underground Data 01
:This is the data collection of the recent discovery beneath the home facilities.:
~All statistical data is transferred to the MemReader - Loading information page~
Entry 01
What was found amongst the toxic grounds outside the City was a tunnel leading down, naturally built by Pokemons. Evidence suggests that the tunnels and caverns were around 500 years old at most, around the time when the land began to disperse the toxins, result of waste degradation. Data of the habitability and existence of Pokemon species were recorded.
Entry 02
Deceased members involved in the revolt of the City were discovered. Two survivours, Phantas and Crescens, were rescued. Civilians from the City were discovered further into the tunnels. The two survivours aided the civilians, who were victims of the recent government movement to prevent any leakage of information on Pokemon. There were no direct contact with the civilians due to the hostility towards government workers, especially the Labcoats as outlined by Phantas and Crescens. The two became trusted members of the civilians and was tasked as a medium to provide scientific support to the civilians while gathering data in return.
Entry 03
The civilians were in good shape by the time data collection around the area was complete. There were no information about the remaining members lost during the revolt of the City; Phantas and Crescens were not questioned, as they were clueless of the aftermath. In case of emergency, this Memfrag will have the data of the 'new' species of Pokemon the government had secured which had foiled the revolt.
This will be the last entry on this MemFrag. Data collection report will continue on the next MemFrag, which will emit a 74 xPloud wave. Calibrate the enclosed tracker to locate the consecutive MemFrag.

Drs V. & F. Pnevma, Natural Resources and Mutation Division

Note: Override command of the Level 66 Barrier is "Verity".

I was rather calm about this. I don't know, maybe it was how surreal it seemed to have found something written by my parents. Or maybe it was because I was half-expecting it. Or maybe it was still sinking in. In any case, there was a confirmation tone of the transfer being complete. Checking back at the Dex, the Pokemon count had increased by at least a hundred. Just how many different Pokemon were there?

"...Vee? Whatcha doing?" Chi called me, to which i mumbled a 'nothing'. After making sure this 'tracker' was also copied to the labcoat, for that was the only way I could find the next MemFrag, I replaced the MemFrag in the shelf thingy then went to join the two once more. As Chi and Torr went back to their conversation, my mind wandered back at what I've just read. A faint glimmer of hope started to form in my mind as I repeated the sentences; a hope that, maybe, my parents were actually alive and there was a way for me to find them. Part of me rebutted that hope with a simple question which led to other questions; if that's the case, why haven't they returned, or at least tried to contact me? Who knows what they might have gone through and... would they really want me back in their life?
Then there was that note at the end. Surely it wasn't a coincidence they would use my name as a code; was I, in fact, important to them...?

"WHAT WAS THAT?!" Chi shouted and got up suddenly, making me flinch in surprise. She froze like that, and I wondered what was going on. That is, until I heard the small boom in the distance.

"...An explosion?" There was that sound again, but this time I could feel the vibration from the tunnels.

"Weird, we don't have any explosives back in the colony..." Chi mumbled. As I turned back to look at her, I noticed Torr getting up as well.

"Wasn't there an exploding Pokemon from the Labs that Celia used to tell us?"

"Huh? Oh. Yeah now that you mention it, Voltorb I think she called it?" From the Labs, huh?

"They sound quite far away. I wonder if they're bombing random places or..." my words trailed off; if it wasn't bombing randomly, the other reason would be because it had found the colony...

"Wha- Torr, where are you going?!" Chi exclaimed. As I watched, Torr disappeared out of the hideout with a determined face. Chi just stood there for a sec, then grabbed onto my arm.

"C'mon Vee, we need to stop that idiot. He can't possibly do anything and yet he goes out of hiding, dammit!" With that, Chi stormed out of the hideout too. She didn't hear me calling her to wait a sec... and yeah, I got dragged out. Talk about a deja vu, really; Kana, and now Chi. What is my life?!

Another explosion nearby. Following the noise came the vibration, which was what really made me nervous. Would the roof collapse? Images of Kana half-buried under debris kept flashing in my mind.
To make the matters worse, Torr was nowhere to be found. Chi's hand was still gripped tightly around mine, which I figured was due to irritation of not knowing what happened to Torr and growing nervousness of what she'd find.
To my surprise, I found ourselves eventually back at the colony. The place was completely deserted. Torrone nor anyone else was in sight.

"...I'm sure everyone escaped ok," I started, trying to comfort Chi, though at the same time comforting myself. "But where could Torr have gone off to?"

"Iunno, I guess we could try catching up to the evac zone. Mebbe Torr went there." Chi answered and led me on to a different exit from the colony. I vaguely heard her mumbling under her breath about Doc or something after that, but before I could ask there was another, bigger explosion. The colony shook with great force, and I found myself curled up in a ball with my hands covering my face once the tremor was over. Looking up while feeling my cheeks growing hot from embarrassment at my body's unconscious reaction, I could see Chi's serious face illuminated by the Shiny Stone Lamp. It took me a moment to realize that the explosion actually came from the direction we were heading; the direction of the evac zone.

"Let's hurry," I said as I got up. Chi broke into a sprint at my words, and I followed as fast as I can.
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Spoiler: show
The path we took was fairly straight and clean; we sprinted about two minutes and didn't needed to turn at all. There were hardly any debris which sort of reminded me of the tunnel back at the Labs. Things quickly started to look drastic after the first two minutes though; the first evidence of bombing came in the form of a giant round hole in the wall. Chunks of rock and pebbles littered the floor, and things looked worse as we finally came to bends and turns. Each new corner bought more signs of explosions, but if there was a good thing about this all, there weren't any bodies or blood anywhere. I dared to let my eyes wander away from the Shiny Stone Lamp Chi was holding in the front to look at the split tunnels we didn't take, and some of them had the explosion marks on them as well. Looked like the bombing was randomly done, afterall. I heard Chi breathing in sharply and slowing down, which made me look at her way and slow down as well. Were we at the evac zone already?
The first body we found was that of a man, seemingly around his fourties. In the brief instance where Chi shed light onto the body before backing away, I saw ugly burns on both the flesh and his clothing. There were dark stains all over the stone wall which I guessed was blood. The body was on the opposite side to the wall with the round explosion mark which made me guess he was caught in the impact rather than actually targetted at.

"Chi..." I called her name softly and held her hand, which was trembling. Her face wasn't within the radius of the Lamp for me to make out if she was crying or not, but her voice was strong.

"I guess Mark didn't make it. Let's... go on." With that, she started walking again. I followed, still holding her hand tightly.
We counted a total of four bodies before reaching Torr. He was kneeling next to an injured, unmoving woman. Chi dropped the Lamp and left my side as soon as she spotted him, and hugged him tight.

"Torrrrrr, you're ok, you're ok... I'm so glad..." I could hear the relief and tears mixed in her voice. I fetched the disregarded lamp from the floor, feeling happy for the two while feeling a mix of jealousy and guilt; I wondered if there would be anyone left in the world who'd care about me like that, lucky Torr. Torr turned and huggled Chi back... wait, was he crying also?
I dared to shine the lamp at the woman's carcass. She seemed to be around Kana's age, but not someone I knew. I saw no resemblance between her and Torr, either. In fact, as I observed, the woman's hair sort of reminded me of Chi... We never really talked about our parents, but I know Torr and Chi didn't have any siblings. I was certain Chi had already seen the body, so I guess it's just my imagination and not a relative of her, since she didn't exactly showed signs of seeing someone close.

"Anyway," Chi was the first to speak after their crying hugs. "Torr... Did you go deeper and saw how many... um..."

"Not all the way to the evac zone... There's about three more bodies deeper. Claudia here was still alive when I came here so I was nursing her. She... didn't make it though. I'm sorry Chi..." he hung his head after the last sentence. She tilted her head in question, then patted his head.

"S'okay, you did your best. So... what now? we go back to the hideout or evac zone or what?"

"I'm sure we're all curious of the situation with the colony so... I guess we go on." I said after a pause. Torr proceeded to nod, then stopped. Our eyes met, but he quickly looked away. He didn't look angry or anything from what I caught. Why would he have looked away?

"...I'll stay a fair bit away from the evac zone to warn if anythng's approaching while you guys visit. I'm not that welcomed anyway and who knows what they'll do when they know that I'm the target." Yup, that was it; I saw Torr twitch at my statement. I don't know if I should've felt disgusted or what, but I couldn't help thinking he was somewhat cute. He was like a little child who was caught stealing. Chi didn't say anything in reply but got up. Torr followed suit soon after and we started walking once more.

"Huh, I don't hear any more explosions." Chi commented after a bit, and she was right. Everything was quiet now except for our breathing and footsteps, which gave a different kind of dread in my heart; were they wiped out? That means we were walking into the enemies. Who knows how many enemies there were. We only have Batty at our side. Speaking of which...

"Hey Chi, I haven't seen Batty anywhere since we went to the hideout." I asked.

"Ah right, you were asleep when Celia helped me befriend him," With that, she took out a Pokeball from her pocket and showed it proudly. "He's right here, safe and sound~"

"Well, we're finally here." Torr butted in. My eyes went to the place he was pointing and gaped.

"...That looks more like a fortress than an evac zone to me." I commented on the giant structure that appeared before us. It was easily as tall as the colony's many storeys, quite cylindrically carved onto the rock. There were holes and indents which I assumed were windows and markers for the different storeys.

"Who's designing things around here anyway?" I mumbled, thinking back at the rooms back in the colony with the rocky clothes hangers and what-not, and now this.

"Rai came up with the idea, and everyone helped. The Pokemons we got cooperation from were the main builders though." Torr commented. "Anyway, come on Chi; we're almost there." That was a cue for me to stay behind, I guess. I gave them a wave to show I'll be staying here. Chi glanced back at me, to which I gave a reassuring smile. Or at least what I hoped it looked to be reassuring. In the end they both left for the fortres- er, evac zone.

The world fell silent around me. I could only see as far as the light from the lamp at my feet could show me. I sighed, thinking what to do next. I wasn't exactly sure how long it's been since my life changed drastically; I wonder what people back in the City would think of my disappearance. Come to think of it, I still hadn't finished that history assignment, and I was looking forward to the next episode of Family Gal. I suppose it was too late for me to go back to the normal life I had, huh... I wonder if I would be able to see the sun rise again. Sure the City wasn't exactly the best place to see it, but at least I saw the brilliance when it rose and set.
But in the end, nothing in the City would've changed. Just like when everyone in the colony were banished. Life would go on without any difference up there.
I shook my head to try and dispel the growing melancholy. Think of what to do from now on! I rummaged my labcoat and loaded up the Tracker thing I got from the MemFrag. What did the report say, 74 xPloud? It didn't take long for me to calibrate it to the right number. After a moment of loading, the screen changed to a map of some sort. It was completely black for the most part save for a circle in the middle. The circle was blue with white lines drawn on it, along with a yellow dot in the middle. There was a blinking yellow dot on the corner of the map as well. Confused, I poked at the screen until I found the 'Legend' page. So... Blinking light was the next MemFrag, non-blinking was me and the white lines mean the walls around here. I tested it out by moving about and sure enough, it was displaying the walls clearly for about 50 steps around me. I wasn't sure how this worked, but hey it worked. As I looked at the map though, a pink blinking dot appeared. More followed suit, and they were moving rapidly in and out of the radius of the map that was visible. I went back to the legend, which said pink dots represented 'Registered ID'. Below it was a button that said 'show labels for Registered ID'. Curious, I pressed it. The screen flashed back to the map. The pink dots were now accompanied by a small caption that made me gape. According to the map, there was a pink dot only 20 steps away from me. It wasn't moving, and it was labelled 'Voltorb #1043'. Another pink dot, about 30 steps, labelled 'Magnemite #10002'. That was when I caught a faint hum from the direction the map had said the Voltorb and Magnemite were. The other pink dots which were moving about randomly in and out of the visible map radius suddenly froze, then every single one of them started to make their way towards me. There were at least a dozen or so Voltorbs and even greater amount of Magnemites. As if that wasn't bad enough, a pink dot labelled 'Metang' flashed onto the visible map radius.

Aaron was coming.

Update: 7th May 2013 1604hr GMT +10.
Spoiler: show
The soft hum in the background made me blink out of my shock almost right away, reminding me that I wasn't alone. Only a few steps away were Pokemons, one capable of blowing a hole in me on a whim and another that can electrify. I checked the Tracker once again and they hadn't moved at all; probably waiting for the others to gather. Having said that, I wasn't capable of approaching them myself; vivid images of the bodies we came by as well as Chi's encounter with a Magnemite kept flashing in my mind. Having said that, if I didn't move, I would be leading everyone into danger. Even if it was a fortress, the sheer amount of Pokemon gathering here would sooner or later break it down to bits. In fact, a single Metang would suffice for that job.
Does it matter if they're attacked?, a thought popped up in my head. The past few days flashed back in my mind following that question. It wasn't exactly enjoyful having almost everyone shunning me. It wasn't easy getting used to how different and difficult everything was compared to the City. Thinking back now, I wonder what made me live on; it wasn't as if I had anywhere to go, and only recently did I get the tiny evidence that my parents may still be alive somewhere in the world. Nothing went right, always being shunned by others or pushed around by Chi.
Chi... I suppose it's her fault that I'm here; she never really left me alone long enough to be depressed, huh. I guess I owe her one. She seemed really lively and full of life unlike me. I guess it wouldn't be too bad to give a small attempt to let her live longer...
With that in mind, I sighed before a slow inhale and an exhale to compose myself. Steadying the lamp in my hand, the Tracker hologramming on the other so I can check it easily, I went into a slow jog away from the nearby Pokemon. There was another tunnel nearby which I had yet to see a Pokemon's signal go past, which seemed the best route for getting as far away from the others as I can. Keeping an eye on the Tracker, I noticed with a grim relief that the Magnemite and the Voltorb nearby had started to move as well, stalking me at an even pace. I randomly chose my way around split tunnels using the Tracker to know there weren't any surprizes after each corner.
It wasn't that long since I started running when I noticed something bizzare; the Magnemites and Voltorbs around a certain area were gradually disappearing. Their signals blinked off from view, as if they were erased... Well, I didn't have a specific place to go nor was the area where the signals disappeared hard to reach. After a few more twists and turns, I was greeted with more bodies.
Well, they weren't bodies to be exact; rather, metal heaps which were once bodies of Magnemite and what I assume Voltorbs. In the middle of it all was a Pokemon I knew well.

"Sableye?" I thought out loud. It turned around to face me with a half-chewed Magnemite in its jaw. It gave me a wicked grin and tossed its chew toy to a random heap with a flick of its head.

"Is Rai around as well then?" I asked cautiously, unsure if it was the Sableye I knew. It shook its head at my question.

"Ah. Well. Um... Oh. There's two more of those which were stalking me," I stumbled to make a conversation with the Pokemon, and after a moment of racking my brains I figured it was the most useful thing to say at this point, pointing back to the way I came. There was a glint in the Sableye's crystal eye and it was gone. I glimpsed at the Tracker to see if they were still tailing me but it wasn't necessary. A Crack and a sound of metallic object grinding reverbrated from the tunnel, and as I looked, the two signals also disappeared. It came back with a Magnemite in its mouth, dripping bits of screws and metal fragments as it chucked into its prized(?) metal heap.

"Um. Thanks, I suppose," I said as I stepped back from the Sableye. Or its teeth, to be precise. It gave me a nod and went back to its metal heap. I wasn't sure what to do; it felt awkward to start running again like nothing happened [I'm not being lazy and unmotivated about running!! ...maybe >_>] and the other Pokemon signals on the map slowed and went back to patrolling in places, so I sat down next to the wall as well. The Metang seemed to have disappeared off the Tracker's signal range again.

"Well, that's another crisis averted." I mumbled to myself, suddenly feeling very tired. I closed my eyes for a second... and when I opened them up again, Celia was shaking me awake.

"Verity! Thank God you're alright, are you hurt anywhere?"

"Uh, no I'm fine, Sableye helped me. Did I fell asleep? how long?"

"I'm not sure about that, but it's been about an hour since Chi and Torr came into the evacuation zone," Celia's voice became stern as she continued. "Don't go running off by yourself like that again, we were very worried you might have been hurt, or worse."

"Sorry, did you and Rai search for me?" I apologized as my sleep cleared, assuming she meant Rai when she said 'we'.

"Rai is with the expedition group venturing back to the Colony since the Lab Pokemons started thinning out; Chianti and Torrone helped me look for you."

"...I hope Chi didn't make a big fuss about me gon-"

"'Fuss'? no, dear. 'Raged' fits more when she found out. Torr went after her, but I have no means of communicating with them... In any case, let's get you somewhere safer." I obliged and got up. My body felt refreshed and mind clear, which gave me a sense of guilt at how long I might've slept while others were looking for me.

"Oh, Celia," I started as we started walking. "You know what a Tracker is, right?"

"Of course, it's often used as a means to find MemFrags left behind by others from the Lab. What of it?"

"Just MemFrags? how about Lab Pokemons?" Celia frowned a little at my question.

"That might be possible, but I can't say for certain. There were speculations that those with a higher rank in the Lab were given more advanced technology than common ranks, which Rai and I were. Ours only picked up signals from information mining devices. It'd be helpful at a situation like now though, all the Lab Pokemons should be tagged."

"Actually... the Tracker I have can." I commented as I showed it to her. Her eyes widened at the sight of the Pokemon signals displayed on the Tracker. A loud explosion suddenly reverbrated throughout the caverns as Celia opened her mouth to exclaim about the Tracker. It sounded very close, and as we fell instinctively to the floor at the shaking, I saw one of the Voltorb signals blinking out on the Tracker only two turns away from where we were. It took us a moment to recover from the sudden attack. I looked at Celia who looked shocked. Her face changed at an instant asfter she mumbled "Chi," then dashed towards the explosion. I broke off into a run as well after her before I realized what was happening as I exclaimed at her.

"I thought you didn't know where Chi was?!"

"Yes, but she wouldn't have gone too far from the colony nearby!" My mind flashed a vision of the explosion crater once more, littered with carcasses and shook my head. Trying to distract myself from the image, I looked back at the Tracker... then quickly shot up my head in disbelief in what I just saw.

"C-Celia, there's a whole bunch of Pokemon gathering here and one of them is a Metang!"

Imagethanks to crisps and MannaKallat for their works

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Today marks another day
In which I breathe with my thoughts at bay.
Mingling in reality, ever so gently
Each passing breath concealing a fallacy...
People change and evolve around me
As I stand here, strange as I may be
Saying sweet nothings laced not of motivation.


Some time ago in the past I thought
Everything was worth next to naught.
Some time ago in the past I knew
All contradictions cannot say I'm askew.
None the less, though, was my determination.


Discovering one day with a broken path afoot
Slowly I looked back at the way I came.
Oh, what difference am I to a lump of soot
Dragged by time with no hope or shame?


Oh, is it worth back tracking to find a new path?


Eventually, I know I'll walk again;
Still, I rebel and let my heart drain.
Maybe, just maybe the world will die
Yes, and then be free of time and be still where I lie.


What was I trying to portay
In the reality I'm forced to stay?
Life is a precious thing, that much I believe. Yet...
Little by little I lose myself to the world.

Imagethanks to crisps and MannaKallat for their works

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