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Pokemon RP (Kanto) 
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Welcome! This is a brand knew Pokemon Kanto region Roleplay!

I have been wanting to do one of these for a while and have just not got around to doing this, so let's begin!

First some rules, that were nicely said by a good Roleplay conductor by the name of jjx8672. I will be copying and pasting these rules said by him, because there isn't a way I could have said it better:
1. If you need to post something OCC, then simply place it at the end of your post italisized and in the small font so that it does not bother the other players. In time, an OCC thread will be set up for players.
2. No Legendaries will be allowed on this thread unless I have you encounter them. You can't even see "a glimmar of rainbow feathers in the sunlight." or you will be removed from the thread. This RP is based on Legendaries and they are to remain untainted.
3. No trolling, flaming, rude OCC behavior, racism, sexism, homophobic comments, or any other derogitory behavior will be tolarated. Many of my freinds are of various national origions, ethnic backgrounds, sexes and/or orientations so I would like respect between my players.
4. Stay Active! It’s a very important part of an RPG. If you are going to be unable to post for a while, PM me, so I know why you aren’t posting and won’t kick you out. I will simply place a post for your character that puts him/her in stasis.
5. No Godmodding. I was guilty of this my first RP as Dracoon (longtime freind) pointed out a while back. Pokemon are indeed powerful creatures but your Garchomp will not be 1HKO-ing everyone. Battle's winners will be decided amongst yourselves. Be fair and competent or I will intervene or worse. This also goes for out of battle scenes. Your Salamence cannot level an entire city on its own. Be consistant and realistic to a degree. Although it is fantasy, Pokemon still has rules.
6. Occassionally you may need a new item. In which case there is no item finder in this RP. Instead, end your post with either you, or your Pokemon finding something shiny in the ground, grass, water, etc. I will then reply to your post as to what you found using a sequensor. Items found are completely randomized.
7. If you happen to run into another participating rper, stick to events that you both witness meaning Johnny saw a ratatta while hanging out with Kevin who for some reason saw a slowpoke.
8. Everyone note I will be strict on shiny posts. If I think the post isn't good enough then the pokemon will break out and flee, this cannot be over ruled by an RPer. If the post is nearly good enough, I might give you a second bite at the shiny, but if the second post is short then once again it will flee. Obviously the 'stronger' or 'rarer' a pokemon is the harder the shiny will be to catch. i.e. a shiny Rattata is difficult to catch, but a shiny scyther will be damn near impossible. Also it will be an absolute maximum of 1 shiny per Rper, this is not negotiable.
9. After a while, I may designate people to help me run the rp if it becomes unmanageable like Kanto did. In which case, these selected people may create (with my permission) new NPCs and such. For now, all NPC encounters will be governed and responded to by me.
10. Pokemon do not evolve until I give you permission to evolve it. This RP is going to be similar to my Kanto RP in which Level is not a determinate factor in evolution. Neither will happiness. Stones and other things may be used accordingly. Evolution through trading is currently undecided.
11. A Pokemon's movepool only grows. This means at level 100 it will have access to all the moves it can ever learn so long as you trained it to do so. If you wish to train a Pokemon a new move, ask me which moves it is able to learn through PM and then train it using 5 separate posts.
12. No super short posts. All posts must at least be a paragraph, more or less unless special cases demand otherwise.
13. Trading is allowed! This can occur at any time inside of a Pokemon Center. Both trainers will have to agree via PM, and post it happening in the RP.
14. Romances are allowed and actually encouraged, so get to lovin peoples!!!
15. If you wish to encounter a Pokemon for potential capture, at the end of your post in small fonted bold in parenthesis, please post (encounter please) and you will be allotted 3 encounters per real day.
16. Lastly, the world is huge. No I mean really huge. I don't want to see players go from Littleroot to Odale in 3 posts. The routes will be given realistic distances and may take days to reach another destination. Just relax and set down camp.

For a start, I need to know if you are fit to make it to this roleplay: Fill out the application below, but instead of sending me the application through the thread please PM me the application to keep this thread mainly on this roleplay, here we go:

Name: Character's Name
Age: Character's age
Gender: Character's Gender
Summary: A small summary about your character (Type of person, personallity, etc)
Backstory: A small backstory about the earlier years of your character's life
Starters: Choose 3 starters and I will randomize them and let you know what you get
Small Short Story: Just a small story to see the way you write things and see if this is a good fit for you

You will be able to create a story all by yourself, as long as it has a good storyline that follows the Kanto region only. You may be able to say things such as, "...threw the Pokeball" or "... calmy snatched a Pokeball, and summoned it out" etc. Those kind of things when you end your small snippet of the story. Catching a Pokemon is not up to you, so you can not decide whether you caught it or not I will say "RE (name)" to the person's story who I am responding to to get their story back on their feet. Yes, you are able to find Pokemon that you desire, as long as they aren't legendaries and they have to relate to the type of area you are in. If you find a legendary, I will say so, so you can not just find a Mewtwo and Mew right at the beggining.

Once you have PM'd me the application and I accept you, then you are free to start your roleplay.

Team Ero are the people subsittuting for Team Rocket's failure. In fact, Team Ero defeated Rocket for more power. As a regular person you find it odd that some Professer out of no-where decides you are the chosen one to stop them, yikes. Even though your eyes are glistening, you are still quite nervous about this. The entire Pokemon League is filled with the top trainers from Team Ero. A big problem, really big, well you better get going. The professer called recently! To the lab!

Thanks for reading and good luck!!!!

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