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Heresy: Rise of Legends ((Final OCC)) 
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Heresy: Rise of Legends
█████ ██████ ████ ███████ ██ ███████ ████ ████ █████████


Ehem, Welcome everyone to Heresy: Legend of the Legendaries. It has been quite a while since you last saw me roaming the forums for those of you who knew me in the past. I ran the ever popular Kanto: The Journey Begins thread that still, to this day has collectively over 7,500 posts under its belt. Although the thread is long dead even after the several attempted revivals, I've decided to finally move on. To most who knew me, I was going through some tough times but now I'm back and better than ever hoping to create a brand new world for my eager freinds and new players of course. So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Trust me, you'll need to wear your seatbelts.

"Remember why I chose Shedinja" -JJX8672

This is a continuation thread in order to transition power to me, the creator of this roleplay. The other threads will be promptly deleted to dilute the possibility of confusion.

█████ ██████ ████ ███████ ██ ███████ ████ ████ █████████

It has been 40 years after the attempted hostile takeover of Team Plasma over the Unova Region. Crime syndicates have come and gone, Champions have reigned and lost... but one thing remains the same. A watchful eye from the cosmos open despite sleeping for countless millenia has ushered in a new era. No more will the wars of man plague the earth, no more will innocent's lives be lost. Revered or not, judgement is coming for our kind. Nothing can escape, nothing can hide, and most of all, nothing can stand against its might. But the prophecy, long forgotten, tells of a way to defeat our so called destiny. Will man be able to thwart this force or will its hatred of us prove too great that not even our Pokemon can save us? Who will we be then?

Ready your self, pick a side and start your journey young trainer. You have been raised in, traveled or been sent to Littleroot Town unbeknownst that your true destiny lies in the hands of a stranger. Go forth and receive your friend. Professor Birch is waiting.

█████ ██████ ████ ███████ ██ ███████ ████ ████ █████████
Spoiler: show
* One item can be requested per trainer per area. (unless otherwise specified)
* Money system is non existent, but more of an honour system and up to you how realistic you portray buying items.

* Healing is relevant time. Small injuries/routine check up might take 10 minutes in game, but if a pokemon fainted it might take an hour in game.

* Liquid Time is used. Meaning each character is in their own 'bubble' of time, and the day passes as they do. Its different for everyone, except for landmarks which are generally determined by either; The person who arrives there first or a GM.

* The game and even the anime are different than this rp. No attack is absolute. An attack with 100% accuracy in the game doesn't in the rp. We are here to use our imagination. A move like swift can certainly follow an opponent around, but it can always be deflected.

*Though this is already stated on the front page of the rp, "Do not control the opponent's actions." Try to leave open ended attacks like "The blast of water surged toward the opponent." This gives a chance for a GM to challenge you. Stating that your attack hit or that a status condition was confirmed without permission will result in all damage from that post to be erased. Like in most rps, we can control your pokemon to a point to keep challenges up, but you may not do the same with others. An exception to this would be a trainer battle between members where one gives the other permission.

* Dream world abilities are very rare abilities (like a mutation) and should be given sparingly. (like one for every 10-20 pokemon.)

*Location based evolution has strange radiations, magnetic disturbances etc that can trigger them.

*Traded Pokemon evolve based on the radiation given off the device while transferring the Pokemon in its digital state.

Friendship Capture Guidelines
[spoiler]When attempting a Friendship Capture, place at the end of your post in BOLD: Friendship Capture 1:2/? with the "1" representing the number of tries you are on, "2" representing which turn of that try you are on and the "?" representing the number of MPR (Minimum Post Requirements) required. See chart below for clarification.

Pokemon with a Catch-Rate of 0-99 will require 5 Posts before Friendship Capture is possible.
Pokemon with a Catch-Rate of 100-199 will require 4 Posts before a Friendship Capture is possible.
Pokemon with a Catch-Rate of 200 and up will require 3 Posts before a Friendship Capture is possible.

-You can find out the Catch-Rate of your Pokemon Encounter through Bulbapedia or Serebii-
-You get three tries at the Pokemon if you intend on Friendship Capture-
-You may choose to challenge it at anytime-
-If you fail on the Friendship Capture, the MPR resets-
-After the 3rd attempt if you don't succeed, then the opponent will flee-

Pokemon Nuances
Ditto Rules:
*It is a failed experiment of mewtwo. Because of this, Transform requires physical contact to work. *These moves are slightly weakened compared to the original's.
*Ditto can only hold this form for a max of four posts before reverting back.
*It can copy humans (can only say one or two words/phrases at each transformation) Because it requires genetic material, Ditto Cannot copy most ghosts and steel types.

Porygon rules:
*Porygon's physical makeup of hardened light, its energy core being the actual Pokemon and that it eats the carbon in plants by disintegrating them with the red beam. Can also do this to anything else in order to "download" more information.

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█████ ██████ ████ ███████ ██ ███████ ████ ████ █████████

Kismet - Ventus
Mizumanta - Manta
Dracoon - Linda
AlexCaruso - Mira
Luxemis - Lux
MDF2711 - Jackson
EythanX - Echo
Sammi224466 - Ranita
ImageImageImage ImageImage
Mizuyuki - Alex
TheThunderer - Astyllo
Clefairies - Fauna
Speshal - Mason
VictinyX - Jameson Fitzpatrick

█████ ██████ ████ ███████ ██ ███████ ████ ████ █████████



-The Gym Leader of Rustboro City. Venema specializes in status induced moves to give her the upper hand in battle. She strays from the conventional single type methods of her predecessors making her both famous and infamous. Venema is easily identified by her one of a kind signature orange goggles which she never takes off. She is cold, calculating and cruel with her battle methods making her one deadly opponent. She seems to take pleasure in other's suffering and will not hesitate to take a shot at a trainer's ego.


-One of the original Chosen during the past wars against Team Oblivion. She has been sent far into the future by Dialga and Celebi in order to stop the destruction of the world once again. Strong and courageous, she is also stubborn and easily distracted. Her old partner Ventus has long since perished in battle leaving Kismet emotionally unable to cope with loss. She takes much comfort in Sobi and prefers his company. In order to aid the new Chosen, she has given her descendant an Electrike. He, however, sees only weakness in the Pokemon which angers her. She seems to be running from something, but sooner or later, she may have to face her past.

█████ ██████ ████ ███████ ██ ███████ ████ ████ █████████

What this means is that these players are currently inactive or of poor post quality and are subject to termination from the thread. Of course they can be allowed back in if the player can surmount a proper reason followed by increased activity. If you have school or another important life duty, you will not be placed here unless we are not told about it. If you feel that you have been mistakenly placed here, simply PM me.


█████ ██████ ████ ███████ ██ ███████ ████ ████ █████████

Spoiler: show
Fire Tea-Spicy, it heightens Fire Type moves and increases energy (to hyperactive state) 10fold.

█████ ██████ ████ ███████ ██ ███████ ████ ████ █████████

Spoiler: show

Petalburg Woods Annual Fishing Event

Attention Roleplayers

This is an official announcement for an upcoming event.

Petalburg Woods Annual Fishing Event
Sponsered by the Kanto Professor Samuel Oak


Event Information

1. Participants may only use the official Safari Ball. They are modified to be 100% effective and participants will be given three of each.
2. This contest is a catch and release contest. This means trainers may not keep thier catches.
3. Prizes will be rewarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place participants with conselation prizes for all other participants.
4. Players are limited to 6 total encounters through the use of a fishing rod. Once a Pokemon is captured, the Safari Ball will be locked until the contest is over. Choose your captures wisely.
5. Pokemon caught will be tallied up for points. The point system is equal to on the Pokemon's Capture Rate Number. The participants with the highest amount of points will be given the honor of 1st Place.


1st Place - A specialized Pokeball known as the Crystal Ball. Only one was ever found and the professor who recovered it wished for it to be given to an able bodied trainer. The Crystal Ball is able to manifest into reality the users thoughts from the power of Unown. It is said that the wielder can create any Pokemon within it. You will also get a visit from the Move Tutor. (see below for explanation)

2nd Place - You will be permitted to keep one of your captures in the contest. It will be transfered into a Dive, Net or Lure Ball. You will then be visited by the Move Tutor that will be teaching Water based moves. This includes all Water based moves in the game except HMs. (Yes, I understand that some moves the Move Tutor cannot teach ingame but this is the RP)

3rd Place - Visitation from the Move Tutor.

Conselation Prizes
Your choice of either:
-2 Lure Balls
-2 Net Balls
-2 Dive Balls
-1 Waterstone
-1 Deepsea Scale
-1 Deepsea Tooth
-1 Damp Rock
-1 Mystic Water
-1 Sea Insense
-1 Shell Bell
-5 Water Gems
-1 Wave Insense
-1 Prism Scale


Spoiler: show
Sobi's Team



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Manta l Image l 15
Forgetful Tactician
Dispite his clothing choices, Manta is actually a very nice boy. His hoodie came from a very special someone and he refuses to part with it. Manta cares deeply for others, often sacrificing his own time and effort for others. He can get excited when the mood calls for it. He thinks of himself as an empath, easily sensing the feelings of those around him and exhibiting those same feelings. Sometimes this leads him to make rash decisions. In the past, some people had taken advantage of that. Manta is now more wary of strangers while still keeping his optimism high. He can be competitive, not allowing himself to lose a argument if there is even a sliver room for his argument to grow. He is very good at figuring out strategies and thinking things through but often forgets the first step in his plans if he thinks too far ahead. Manta tries his best to see the good and talents of every person or thing that he meets, giving a bright smile and looking towards the future.

Before Manta decided to travel with a pokemon, he had made a hard dicision to leave his friends and attend pokemon school in a separate town. Because of the teary goodbye that he made, one of his older and closest friends gave him a hoodie. Though the shirt was much too big for him at the time and the skull on the front may give others the wrong message, he still kept it. Through the years, Manta learned much about pokemon, remembering many details and traits. When Manta finally graduated, he stayed home for a bit for to enjoy life there before needing to travel. He enjoyed cooking, using local ingredients to make food for his neighbors as well as pokemon. He made many efforts to watch pokemon battles and contests both in person and on television. His love for pokemon only grew as he did. At 15, Manta finally decided to leave home and start his journey at Littleroot town. He took the hoodie that had finally fit comfortably now, to remind him of his friends and went off. It was the first step to the rest of his life.


Around lv. 10
Manta's first pokemon. Aipom is energetic, playful, and mischievous. As with most aipom, Manta's uses his tail as an extra limb and even at a young age is adept at using it. Aipom likes to wander away from Manta, though usually to look for items to bring back. Aipom and Manta still have some bonding to do.
Scratch ll Tail whip ll Sand Attack ll Astonish ll Swagger ll Rain Dance

around lv. 10
Flash Fire

A sly and occasionally manipulative vulpix. Learning the attract move from her mother, vulpix enjoys getting male pokemon to gather food for her. Often unmotivated in battles, vulpix only goes all out on opponents that she deems worthy.
Attract ll Ember ll Tail Whip ll Roar ll Quick Attack

around lv. 4
Manta's egg hatched into an energetic remoraid. Remoraid has excellent accuracy and can hit almost any target that she aims for. She was born knowing the water spout move, using her amazing accuracy to aim each strike precisely where it needs to be. If held, she can be out of water for a bit and can be used as a water gun. Unfortunately, she is can only battle in water.
Water Spout ll Water Gun ll Lock On

around lv. 20
Obtained through the crystal pokeball won in a contest, ditto has shown itself to be quite the handfull. Simply by touching another being, ditto can change its molecular structure to match that of almost any other pokemon. Because of its gelatinous form, ditto is both agile and versatile. It ttok up the habits of aipom, its first friend, and now enjoys beating opponents with trickery rather than power.

ImageImage x5 ImageImageImage x5 ImageImage, ImageImageImage Echoed Voice (0/3), Image Swagger (1/3)


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Ranita | 13 | Female

Personality: Serious and calm. Tends to be blunt about what she thinks and feels, and will not hold back from scolding people once they've made her angry enough.

Ranita was born in Petalburg City, along with her twin Porthos. Her parents run a gardening store there, selling implements and soil. Her family originally came from Johto a long time ago, specifically her ancestor Sammiya, who was a well-known Pokemon trainer who had eventually settled in Petalburg. She grew up helping up around the store, listening to the stories of preceding trainers. She wanted to start on her own journey, but was forced to wait until she was 13 due to her parents insisting that she needed to help around at the store up until that point.

She is close to her brother, who prefers to stay at home over traveling and doesn't have a particular wish to go on his own adventure. She had finally convinced her parents to let her start her journey by showing that she could figure out how to take care of herself in the woods for one week, having made a bet with them that she would last that long by herself.


Ability Natural Cure

Peck, Growl, Astonish
Ranita's starter given to her by Professor Oak. She had a deep-seated fear of cat-like pokemon, grounded in by Elena's attempt to eat her when they first met.

Ability Limber

Scratch, Growl, Assist, Sand-Attack, Fury Swipes, Pursiot, Torment
- Abandoned as a purrloin by a trainer who thought she was useless, she grew to hate humans and to be wary of them. She finally agreed to travel with Ranita, even if she still holds some reservations.

Ability Lightning Rod

Growl, Tail Whipe, Bone Club
-Encountered by Ranita after the fishing contest. After giving Aria quite the fight, Ranita was able to capture him when he was knocked unconscious.

Items: Image x3 Image Image Venoshock (0/3)

Image Image Image Image
Image Image

Spoiler: show
Image The 'fronyta was made by Fizza in her Request Stand.
Image -Made by Kiyoko

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Jackson Alexander Gray
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Personality: Jackson is a unique guy who likes to do things his own way. He is a perfectionist and can sometimes be hotheaded, but he cares a lot. His appearance is also very, very important to him, but that doesn't make him a bad person...just...vain. Jackson is energetic and eager to start training. He is also always hungry, though he never seems to gain weight (try telling that to him though). He has big dreams of being successful and wants to grow up to become a famous Pokemon Coordinator like his grandmother.
Affiliation: Coordinator, Trainer
History: His grandmother Yanira was a famous Coordinator that grew up in the Hoenn region. To this day, she continues to hold the record for the most Ribbon Cups won by anyone, ever (9). Her son, Ricardo Gray, married a woman named Isabelle Rydell, and they had six boys together (Jackson, the oldest, then Alex, Owen, Timothy, and Wyatt and Thomas, the twins). They lived in Lilycove City until Jackson was 9 and his parents divorced. His mother later remarried a man she'd met named Samuel Walker. When Jackson's mother remarried, the family moved to live with their new step-dad in Goldenrod City. Later, they had two children together, Jackson's half-brother and half-sister, Ryan and Ella. Jackson always aspired to one day be like his grandmother and dreamed of starting off in the Hoenn region just like her. But financial issues got in the way of his trip planning, and his travel was delayed four years. Jackson is excited to be going to Hoenn again, his birthplace and the birthplace of Pokemon contests, where is he is determined to become a famous Pokemon trainer and coordinator.
Spoiler: show
Tiny wrote:
Tiny was Jackson's starter Pokemon. He is very adorable, yet clumsy. Though, due to frequent accidents and his iron skin, this Aron has become a very hardy fellow and is very resilient. He is still young, but he has quite the appetite. Jackson and the Aron seem to have bonded well so far, but they still haven't tested their newfound bond in a battle yet, and they will need to work on Tiny's destructive appetite.
Tackle | Harden | Mudslap | Headbutt | Metal Claw

Teresa wrote:
Teresa the Mantine is a beautiful and elegant Pokemon. She first appeared to Jackson and Tiny near Route 101, where she played with Tiny for a bit. Soon, however, a wild Spiritomb attacked and she fought it off, trying to protect the small Aron. She is very fond of Tiny, and acts like a maternal figure to him. She joined Jackson by her own choice. Teresa is a powerful, elegant Pokemon that should prove to be a true powerhouse for Contests and battles.
Psybeam | Bullet Seed | Signal Beam | Tackle | Bubble | Supersonic | BubbleBeam | Confuse Ray | Wing Attack | Headbutt | Water Pulse | Wide Guard |
Take Down

Water Absorb

Voilà wrote:
Voilà is newly hatched. She is about four feet tall, shorter than a usual member of her species but she is still a baby, after all. She hatched after the attack on Petalburg City, amidst the ashes of the fallen, like a phoenix bringing new hope and light to the world, as life will still go on. Voilà is a shiny Pokemon and rather rare and special. When she and Jackson first met, she used Future Sight, an innate move she inherited from her parents, to look into the future and found happy memories ahead of her with the boy. She also allowed Jackson to see fuzzy images of the future, though his mindset is not quite right for full-blown visions just yet. The Girafarig chose to go with Jackson, because she trusts him and the future they have in store together.
Future Sight | Power Swap | Guard Swap | Astonish | Tackle | Growl | Confusion
Early Bird

Miracle wrote:
Miracle is a tough little Shellder that Jackson rescued from dying near the Pokemon Center in Odale. After the destruction of Petalburg at the hands of Zekrom, her pleasant aquatic habitat was destroyed and turned into an electrified and then dried out wasteland. She struggled to come to safety in civilization, which she was wary of, and Voilà sensed her arrival and alerted Jackson. Miracle is loving to Jackson because he is the one that saved her, but she is still very shy around most others.
Tackle | Withdraw | Supersonic | Icicle Spear
Shell Armor

Pichu wrote:
Relatively little is known about Pichu's personality yet, so little in fact that Jackson still has yet to figure out a fitting name for her. She was captured in the Petalburg Woods, just before a gigantic storm that sent Jackson and Linda running and flying for shelter in nearby Rustboro City. She seems sweet and curious and obviously is rather weak though a total try-hard but she still remains a bit of a mystery in most aspects.
Thunder Shock | Charm
Lightning Rod

Spoiler: show
- Pokedex
- Xtransciever
- Poketch
- GPS Bicycle with integrated Pokedex personality interfacing technology
- Egg Case
- 5 Pokeballs
- Metal Coat
- Camping gear, including tent and sleeping bag and portable stove and food supply
- Town Map
- Potions x5
- Antidote
- Awakening
- Burn Heal
- Ice Heal
- Parlyz Heal
- Star Piece
- Water Stone

Spoiler: show
With his handy piece of technology, the Xtransciever, Jackson has become a bit of an obsessed (though still average) Pokemon photographer. He has photographed all of the following Pokemon so far:

Bellsprout (disabled)
Frillish (pink)
Girafarig (shiny)
Poliwag (normal forme)
Poliwag (rainbow-snowcone forme)
Shellder (injured)
Unfezant (male)
Unfezant (female)

Spoiler: show
none yet


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Alex Lange l 15
Personality: Being a very intelligent girl, alex is often named the human pokedex. Her knowledge of the pokemon world is said to only be matched by the common pokedex. She is bold in person, in private but clamps up in social situations. Additional, She has a hard time keeping her opinions to herself, being much too honest.
Affiliation: Trainer, Professor in training.
History: Spending a majority of her youth indoors, alex has dedicated her life to knowing as much as possible about pokemon. Those who know here say that her knowledge rivals that of a pokedex. If any of her knowledge is off, alex will spend the next day buried in a book. Though she knows a lot about pokemon, she has trouble connecting with them as well as people. She would love to be a professor some day and find her own studying expertise, but she would need to increase her social skills and expand her horizons. She has started by shopping for clothes to fit her surprisingly attractive natural look.

Pound ll Sweet Kiss ll Lick ll Powder Snow ll rain dance

Tackle ll Supersonic ll thundershock

Tackle ll Harden ll Water Gun ll Rapid Spin ll Recover ll Camouflage


Currently Selling/breeding:
I will punish you in the name of the Moon! Nature

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Astyllo | 14 | Female
A fairly tall teen girl for her age. Her hair wavy, shoulder-length and a pretty light blonde but is usually tied back with a ribbon. She loves to describe her deep brown eyes as chocolate colored. Back at her home she is known for her dazzling bright smile. She mostly wears warm colors and avoids wearing black.
Before starting her journey Astyllo used to reside in a small traveling circus with her parents, who pushed her to become magicians just like them. Despite all the heavy influences from her mother and father she only had one dream and that was to become a pokemon trainer. Taking the opportunity, she ran away from the circus to go join the pokemon league. Once in the lab, she received a Dieno, her starting pokemon, and a pokedex.

Tackle, Dragon Rage, Focus Energy
Drake was Astyllo's first pokemon. They met at Professor Birch's lab when she started her journey.


Tackle, Thunder Wave, Spark, Charge Beam
After Defeating his horde, Astyllo captured Temp after a small battle.

Image Image Image Image (use 0/3)


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ImageImageImage x2 Image
Name: Fauna
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: A slender girl with long, thick light-brown hair that seems to act as a cloak for her back. She wears a
pristine white blouse that has long sleeves and is tucked neatly into her leaf-green pencil skirt. She wears pink sandals and a
pink belt that are the same pink as a vileplume's flower.
Personality: Fauna is your typical aroma lady- she lets the wind take her wherever it wants to. She doesn't have a
very strong idea of who she wants to be or what she wants to do. Her soft voice is often ignored, but she prefers not to
speak anyway. She will most likely be seen on the sidelines. She prefers not to quarrel with people unless it is absolutely
necessary. Insults, arguments, etc; they are all water off a ducklett's back for her.
Affiliation: Wanderer
History: Fauna spent most of her time in Verdanturf town enjoying the clean air and beautiful aromas, but after a huge
fire that consumed most of the town two years ago. It destroyed almost everything she loved and caused her to lose her will
to go on. Her personality did a complete 180, and she became a different person. She had begun to refer to herself as
Cinder, as she felt that's all that was left of her. Soon she realized that in order to heal she had to help those around her, so
after healing the pokemon who were injured she set them free and decided that it was time for a new beginning as a pokemon
trainer. Pokemon would help her to grow stronger as a person and to re-spark the flame that died out in her heart.
Porygon | Trace
Conversion / Conversion 2 / Sharpen / Tackle / Psybeam

*Rare Bone
Image | Farfetch'd | Keen Eye
Peck / Sand Attack / Leer / Fury Cutter / Bone Club

Image | Lombre | Rain Dish
Growl / Astonish / Absorb / Nature Power

ImageJournal Entries
Spoiler: show
Porygon wrote:
The pokedex says that Porygon doesn't have emotions which bothered me.
But lately I have been studying him, and he is developing basic emotions like happy, angry, and sad!
I'm still not so sure if Porygon is a living thing, but I know he isn't a robot. He's complicated...
I know there is more to him than what others believe.

Farfetch'd notes wrote:
Today my egg hatched into a Farfetch'd, and I had read in the pokedex that it needs a stick in order to protect itself.
I journeyed all along the forest looking for a stick, but all of them were rejected.
Eventually a kind trainer let me try her Rare Bone, and it was a success!
Fari the Farfetch'd is the only, if not one of very few Farfetch'd that wield a bone instead of a stick or leek.
I'm going to study her closely and document my findings, and report my findings back to the professor.

Nature Power wrote:
I discovered that Lombre's Nature power changes type depending on his environment.
I am not quite sure how it works yet, but it appears to take the type of what natural occurrence he is near.
-He used Hurricane during a rainstorm! I am not sure if that is always gonna happen, however.

kalos Image johto


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Character Bio
Spoiler: show
Name: Luxemis (Lux) Artherian
Personality: Lux is a friendly person and always enjoys the company of others. A very enthusiastic young man, always ready for an adventure. Lux is a supportive and helpful person, he likes to help in any way that he can.
Affiliation: Trainer
Starter Choice: Plusle, Larvesta, Omanyte
History: Lux was raised by his mother, not knowing his father never bothered Lux. He was just happy to be a part of the world. His mom raised him a small little house in Violet City where she taught him to be kind and respectfull towards others. Seeing the new trainers come into town gave Lux a child like wonder of what it would be like to be a Pokemon Trainer. The more he thought about it the worse he would feel leaving his mother So he just pushed the urge aside. He continued to help his mother around the house for years, but that feeling of adventure wouldn't leave his thoughts. When he finally got to the point where he couldn't wait any longer he asked his mom. After many days of conversation and persuasion she allowed him to go. He arrived to Littleroot after a few plane rides and a long walk.


Ember,String Shot
Flame Body
Spoiler: show
Lok, Lux's first pokemon, both have seemed to become good friends since there first meeting and has also seemed to wamr up to the others quite qell. Lok has shown good fighting skill and continues to surprise Lux with his quick thinking.

Growl,Water Gun,Supersonic,Wing Attack
Keen Eye
Spoiler: show
Lux's first encounter with Myst was a bit of an ackward one, from staying on his head to rest in his arms. Lux was quite pleased when he was able to capture this pokemon, seeing as how it was both his first catch and a major conveneince. After Myst's wing was healed by a mysterious force, he has shown good capability in fighting.

Peck,Absorb,Grass Whistle
Water Absorb

Spoiler: show
Melody is Lux's newly hatched pokemon, even in its young age, she has shown herself to be somewhat of a mother figure after using her grass whistle to allow Lux to go to sleep.

Sing,Growl,Water Gun,Mist,Confuse Ray,Ice Shard
Shell Armor

Spoiler: show
Lux doesn't know much about Lapras yet, but she has shown great knowledge in humand language and has shown impressive abilities in battle. Lux still feels bad that he captured this marvelous creature but continues to tell himself that its better for her this way.

TrickRoom,Conversion 2,Tackle,Conversion,Nasty Plot,Psybeam


Spoiler: show
ImageCleane Tag
ImageFishing Rod
Image Yellow Shard
Image Power Weight
Sleeping Bag
Water Jug
Water Bottle
Black Pokedex
Pocket Knife

Notebook Entries

Spoiler: show

Standing Strong
Its strange to know that I haven't been here even a week and so much has happened. Only the other day I had just obtained my first pokemon from the Professor and it seems like the other day I had just started my adventure. In any case it was actually the other day, but it has felt like days, weeks or even months have passed, so much in so little time. After the destruction of petalburg and all the devistation, so many who were innocent. What have we done to deserve this punishment, what have we done to be targeted by those many of us thought we could trust. The Guardians may have given up on us but we cannot give up on ourself, or our pokemon. We shall remain united......

The Tree
Never before have I felt an engery quite like this, the air feels warm and light, so inviting. A Yanma led me to this spot that few others, if any, had placed there eyes upon in a long time. Deep within the tree holds a great secrect shroudded with mystery and wonderment. What did the Yanma see in me that led it to lead me here. Maybe Kismet was right, maybe it was something about me, something that I couldn't even see that the Yanma could. Maybe he truly was Choosen, choosen to do something great....
Choosen, what does it mean to be choosen, and out of all people why me?

Image Image


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Tue Nov 19, 2013 1:52 pm
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Ventus | 17 | Male

Named after Kismet's - his great great great grandmother - companion Manectric, who's name was Ventus.
Has high expectations to live up to, and resents electric typed pokemon, very specifically Electrike and Manectric.
The Family each has their own, and highly praise the beasts. He wanted to be accepted for who he is,
so to prove himself he decided to study at the pokemon university, but he flunked.
Seeing as he couldn't advance academically, he tried acting.
He was good at portraying angry roles, but had a hard time showing a softer side,
especially when working with some pokemon onstage.
He eventually found a love with playing the flute,
although he wasn't very good at it, he found he could communicate somewhat through sound better than words.

He resided in Odale Town for about a month prior to the opening season for new trainers,
and worked as staff at the Market and lived upstairs with free rent. (He worked all day, so it was fair.)
Expecting to start his journey with a new pokemon, something he had not met before,
he was excited for once and met with Birch, who had apparently been expecting him - his great great great granny Kismet too.
Birch gave him a Fast Ball and an old Journal containing Kismet's notes.
Inside the Fast Ball, was a damned Electrike.


Ability Motor Drive

Tackle, Leer, Thunder Wave.
-Gifted to Ventus by the Professor, she is quiet and shy but can become bold and brave if the need arises.

Ability Torrent

Scratch, Leer, Mud Sport, Water Gun.
-A somewhat difficult capture, the water type put up quite a resistance before being caught.

Ability Blaze

Scratch, Growl, Focus Energy, Ember.
-Found after the fall of Petalburg City, it was lured into capture using the ashes that it was bathing in.

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Affiliation: Breeder/Trainer

Party wrote:
Poni is a serious and headstrong Poliwag. He knows what he wants and is eager to do it, but due to his young age he cannot take failure very well and often runs to Linda crying if he loses a fight. He hates letting others do, and is a bit of a showoff with his moves. Poni is extremely stubborn, especially when he knows that the opponent is a wild Pokemon Linda wants.

Shorry is easygoing but a hidden dynamite. He prefers playing than battling, travelling with Linda to see the world. Shorry usually lacks vested interest in battling, compared to Poni but he will try to impress if given the chance. His Choice Specs are very precious to him, almost iconic to the Mudkip.

Newly hatched, Isabelle was born with a deformed root. She wrapped it around a stick to limp around, and sees Linda as her mother. Isabelle is in fact quite speedy on the battlefield and uses the stick as a pivot to move more agilely. She tends to let people assume she is weak due to her leg before letting loose a barrage of power to make them take it all back.

Entries wrote:
Got Poni from Birch.
Found Shorry in Route 1.
Failed to catch Shorry twice.
Met Jackson and travelled with him
Missed a Servine.
Caught Shorry after Zekrom's attack.
Hatched Isabelle.

"You're so dramatic, dracoon."


"I don't know what you're talking about."

Sporadically active. If I post, it means I was asked to see something.

Sometimes, I sell natured Pokémon. Black market's good this time of year.


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      Jameson Fitzpatrick
      ✚ 4'11", feminine build
      ✚ messy blonde hair & big green eyes
      ✚ flowing white robe & brown parachute pants with red sneakers
      ✚ scarf with bells
      ✚ carefree & childish
      ✚ possible maturity
      ✚ menacing(?)
      ✚ knowledgeable; curious
      ✚ born and raised in Mauville
      ✚ parents researchers under Birch
      ✚ left at PKMN daycare, when parents worked
      ✚ started his journey to Unova, by the age of 10
      ✚ ranked second in Unova League
      ✚ returned weeks after 13th birthday for a new start
      ✚ got Buizel as a late b'day gift from parents, through Birch

      ImageImageZell the BuizelImage
      Jolly | Swift Swim | Lv. 15
      About Zell: Jamie's starter pokemon he received from his mom through Prof. Birch. He acts like the "cool guy" and the "stand-up comedian" of the group sometimes acting cool, with the shades he stole from Mr. Fitzpatrick, and making others laugh at the same time. He is usually the object of bully by Zyllo for some reason. He is usually found outside his pokeball, but when he is called upon or starts a battle he takes out and put his shades out and it'll sparkle.
    Sonic Boom // Growl // Water Sport // Quick Attack // Water Gun

      ImageImageZyllo the ScytherImage
      Serious | Technician | Lv. 15
      About Zyllo: A savage and ferocious Scyther he caught just outside of Birch Labs. He was causing trouble to the townsfolk by attacking them. His blades and wings are bigger than other Scythers and he has an odd chevalier pattern on his left blade, making him usually targeted by collectors. He is aggressive to most people, including his trainer. He is usually scolded by Willow, due to him attacking Jamie.

      Vacuum Wave // Quick Attack // Leer // Focus Energy // Pursuit // False Swipe

      ImageImageZea the SpoinkImage
      Impish | Thick Fat| Lv. 15
      About Zea: A Spoink he accidentally caught just before entering Petalburg Forest. He is a kleptomaniac on round things, his capture involved on him stealing one of Jamie's pokeballs. He, like his trainer is very playful and like to joke around. His obsession to round things has even reached the limit, where he used a psybeam to lift a wandering voltorb, making it self-destruct and sending them fly sky-high and dropping back to the ground.

      Splash // Psywave // Odor Sleuth // Psybeam // Psych Up

      ImageImageWillow the LampentImage
      Quirky | Flame Body | Lv. 20
      About Willow: Willow is a calm and serious Lampent, as opposed to her trainer and the most mature of the team. She acts as the "mother" of the team caring for them, scolding them when they do something wrong. An ex pokemon from Team Plasma, she ran away from one of the grunts into the wild, after realizing what their leader had in mind.

      Ember // Astonish // Minimize // Smog // Fire Spin // Confuse Ray // Night Shade // Will-O-Wisp // Flame Burst

      Spoiler: show
        Key Items wrote:
        Image Image

        Pokeballs wrote:

        Food wrote:
      Spoiler: show
      Entry#1 wrote:
      I attended the Petalburg Fishing Contest today \(^v^)/ There was this Magikarp, who kept getting reeled into my line. I didn't win, but it was fun. The winner got a Crystal Ball. In it was a Ditto. But, they said there was nothing in the ball. Did it make the Ditto by itself? Who knows?

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Tue Nov 26, 2013 11:53 am
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Caesar, Male, 16
Affiliation: Trainer, Gym Leader Aspirant

Personality: Caesar appears as a serious person when first metting him. Although he seems serious, he is a very relaxed guy, specially when it comes to pokemon, he treats every pokemon with respect, caring for pokemon more than he does for other people sometimes. Although he tends to act serious a even distant with people when first met, this quickly changes when someone earns his trust and friendship, going to even risk his life for his friends. He is however, excited about pokemon battles, no matter who his opponent is, he would rarely miss the chance of having a pokemon battle. Although he hates loosing, he would surrender to a battle if he sees his or his opponent's pokemon are in danger.
History: The great great grandson of Kaiser, just like his ancestor, Caesar is a Dragon Type pokemon enthusiast ever since he saw a Salamence and a Charizard having a battle at Meteor Falls when he was only 10, the motif of the fight was not clear to him, but he was impressed by the power the two dragons displayed and he knew from that momment he wanted a dragon type pokemon to be his partner when his journey begins, and thus, he decided he would learn all he could from this Type of pokemon before he started it. His research led to him to learn one of the most rare Dragon pokemon, Salamence, the dragon he once saw when he was just 10 years old, was native from the Hoenn region so he could just catch one someday once his journey started, even if a Charizard was way harder to obtain, he was decided to catch one someday too, plus, he knew there once were an Elite Four member at Hoenn, a person who could help him learn more of Dragon Type pokemon, things he was sure could only be learnt by experience, so he decided he wanted to find this Drake guy to learn as much as he could from him. This two things that encouraged him enough to begin his journey in his home region. Knowing there was a pokemon professor who could help him start his journey, and maybe even give him one or two hints on where he could find either a Salamence or Drake, Caesar decided to move to Littelroot Town so he could start from zero in the best place of the region even if that meant traveling over half of the region to get there.


ImageImage Grotle Image
Rash nature, Overgrow, Lv.15
Tackle, Withdraw, Absorb, Razor Leaf

ImageImage Teddiursa Image
Naughty nature, Pickup , Lv.15
Fling, Covet, Scratch, Baby-Doll Eyes, Lick, Fake Tears, Fury Swipes, Feint Attack

ImageImage Shroomish Image
Hasty nature, Effect Spore , Lv.15
Absorb, Tackle, Stun Spore, Leech Seed

ImageImage Carnivine Image
Relaxed nature, Levitate , Lv.15
Bind, Growth, Bite, Vine Whip


My Dragon Cave


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Name: Ryan
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Appearance:Image Ryan wears mostly grayish, or off black clothes. He has shaggy hair with the natural color of a storm cloud gray. Wearing an unbuttoned jacket with fancy white outlines similiar to rectangles along is dark gray shirt. The contrast between his jacket to his gloves and shoes is quite noticable, but doesn't pop out until you stare, which he is used to staring with his rare light gray eyes.

Personality: He is the quite adventurous type despite his outer look. Unexpectively, he is the type of person who would goof off for a break, but when he needs to do something, he'll get it done

Affiliation: As a child, he was always exploring and searching for things to happen, searching for that one little girl about his age to lose her doll, just so he could find the satisfaction of finding it. Yet, ever since he laid hands on his father's Pokeball, he switches his dream to become a Pokemon trainer

History: When Ryan was a child he loved colors. He would spend 10-20 minutes staring at a flower if it had enough color. He loved that since he has just moved from Jhoto to Kanto. He was so happy and upbeat when they first moved because the father was going to challenge all the gym leaders and become the greatest trainer alive. That never happened. After a rash battle with an unknown Pokemon created my various lab members, the Pokemon gave him no mercy. Ever since Ryan's father passed he was determined to finish his father's dream for him. Then avenge him, no matter what it takes.

Starter Choice:

Low Kick//leer//Focus Energy//Karate Chop

Rock Head
Growl//Tail Whip//BoneClub//Headbutt

RP EXAMPLE: Frightened, Billy kept running. Hearing crunching leaves under his feet, and then behind his back. The trees seemd to begin to narrow, leaves smacking his face, and he began to get scratched from the sticks along his legs and face, the trees were closing in. Then after running through much pain, he came to a brick wall, What is this doing in a forest, he thought. Quickly turning around he made eye contact with the beast. Bared teeth, extending arms, empty eyes that basically stared thorugh him, and completely soul-less. Not only that, but it had Billy's dad's eyes, and took form as somebody Billy once knew

Spoiler: show
Image Image

Ryan's Team

Sat May 24, 2014 10:47 am
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