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New Trainer Approaching! 
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Hello everyone~ :yay:

Um...I guess I'm new here?
Well, I found this site because of some person on DA had posted a link to their Gardevoir named....Charon?
So, I clicked the link! And now I'm here, with all of you. Sharing a bit about myself and my love for Pokemon.

I genuinely think this site has a very unique idea. I mean, Pokemon turning into 'humans'? :what:
I am serious when saying it blew my mind that a site like this even existed! My dream has come true, fwee~
*dances a happy dance with my Braixen*
I can join among the ranks of humanized Pokemon, alongside my Braixen, as we battle our foes into the dust!

So, a bit about me!


#1: How did I get into Pokemon? Well, like everyone else does I guess. Honestly, my mom was a fan and even owned one of those rare Charizard cards back in the day (before she lost it of course). So I've known Pokemon since before I was even born. I started watching the cartoon, then I got into the games during my early middle school days. I started with the old Pokemon Yellow, then I went onto least until my mom sold ALL of our games, because we were really poor back then. Plus my bro gave away my Emerald to one of his 'friends'. :grr: I never got it back, because we moved away before I could.
I took a 'kind of' break for a few years (I stopped playing the actual games when I was 12 and I recently started playing about 7 years now?), at least until I could buy my own game without having to use emulators. I'm currently going through Pokemon Y at the moment, and I'm almost at the 4th gym now.

#2: What is my FAVORITE Pokemon of all time? :bah: Um...I guess I really like Pikachu? Seriously, I have my own li'l Pikachu named Angelo and he can speak actual ENGLISH like Meowth. Plus he has a cool scarf and a bit of hair sticking off of his head. He used to be my imaginary friend when I was really young, but now I've always had him on my main team!

#3: What is my favorite type/moves? I don't have a set of favorite moves, but my 2 top types are ICE and PSYCHIC. And maybe a bit of FIGHTING and WATER types, if I'm really desperate. I'm not that picky on the type, but that's what I prefer.

#4: My favorite Legendary? Manaphy and Phione, of course! :yay: I used to have them both back in the day. I believe I named them Romiet and Julio, a play on 'Romeo and Juliet' (my favorite story at the time). I might get them back again, if I can do Wonder Trades...eventually.

#5: Who is my favorite Gym Leader? Out of ALL the generations...I've always liked Roxanne. She left a huge impression on me when I was younger, plus I love her design (both the original and remake).

Fun Fact: I got back into Pokemon after seeing PokePastas, my first being 'Lost Silver'. Ever since then, I've loved the more creepy Pokemon stories/theories. I'm even writing a few Pokemon 'scary stories' myself, but I'm still working on them.

So..wanna know more? Then just chat, I love talking in the forums whenever I can! :yay:
I'm not mean at all, so feel free to talk to me whenever~

Fri Apr 15, 2016 3:03 am
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